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If the wooden blinds will be indoors then they will be fine and should not get any water damage after the rain. to be sure you could always coat them with rain away that way even if they get wet they will not be damaged.

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Q: Will the wood blinds hold up to the moisture after the rain?
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Will vinyl blinds last longer than wooden blinds?

Not at all. Vinyl blinds are not very durable at all and wood blinds hold up much better, especially if you have kids.

Where can one find mini wood blinds?

Finding mini wood blinds is not a very challenging thing to do at all. In order to find mini wood blinds, one can visit the Just Blinds website or the Select Blinds website.

Are there any disadvantages to having wooden blinds?

Wooden blinds have a tendency to warp and are usually more expensive that other traditional types of blinds. Wood blinds are heavier as well and require more frequent cleaning due to attracting more dust. Wood blinds also need to be oil treated and they absorb as well as release more moisture so its not good to install them in moist or high humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, etc.

Are faux wood blinds better than wooden blinds?

Faux wood blinds do have some advantages in that they are more durable and easier to wipe clean, also they are less likely to fade than real wood blinds.

Are faux wood blinds hypo-allergenic?

Wood is normally not hypoallergenic. If you are looking for blinds that are then faux wood blinds would not be the way to go. Try poly vinyl shutters.

What types of blinds can be purchased from Blinds Online?

Blinds Online has many different styles of blinds. They have vinyl mini blinds, wood and faux wood styles. They also carry Roman shades. One can purchase blinds for indoors and outdoors.

How much more expensive are wood blinds than plastic blinds?

A custom ordered wood blind for a window that is 35 inches by 60 inches can cost around $200. Plastic blinds are much less expensive than wood blinds, but wood blinds do offer many advantages over plastic.

Purpose of faux blinds?

Faux blinds function the same as real wood blinds. The blinds are real, they are just called faux because the material is not real wood. People buy faux blinds because they are cheaper and more durable than real wood blinds.

Blinds Cleaning?

form_title=Blinds Cleaning form_header=6993 What type of cleaning are you in need of? (Select all that apply)*= [] Requires cleaning/maintenance [] Stain removal [] Pet stains [] Dust [] Dirt/grime [] Mildew [] Other What are the blinds that need to be cleaned?*= [] Horizontal vinyl/metal mini-blinds [] Horizontal wood/wood-like blinds [] Vinyl/metal vertical blinds [] Wood/wood-like vertical blinds [] Fabric vertical blinds [] Roller shades [] Woven wood shades [] Other

What are the advantages of wood blinds?

Wood blinds look rich and they show classy taste . Wood blinds are good insulators. If maintained properly they last much longer and can be repainted or repolished at home.

Will wooden blinds fad in a high sun area?

No, wooden blinds hold up very well under intense climates but any type of wood protectant that you purchase won't hurt.

Do I need to hire a professional to install wood blinds, or is it a do-it-yourself type of project?

Wood blinds are easy to install and are definitley a do-it-yourself kind of project. You do not need to hire anyone to install wood blinds.