Will there be a Luigis Mansion 2?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Yes there will be a luigis mansion 2. Its called the elictric boogaloo

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There is a rumour that it will be on the Wii and called "Electric Boogaloo" but we don't know for sure.

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Q: Will there be a Luigis Mansion 2?
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Will Mario be saved in luigis mansion 2?

no one knows yet.

Is there a luigis mansion 2?

Nintendo is working on Luigi's Mansion 2 and it will be released in early 2012.

When is luigis mansion 2 released?

there is no specific date yet, but it comes out in 2012

Will they make a luigis mansion 2? will only be on the 3ds but it wont be as good as the original.

Which is better luigis mansion 2 or Mario 3d land?

mario 3d land

Where is marios paper in Luigis Mansion?

in the basment

Where can you get the luigis mansion luigi figuere?


When is the new luigis mansion coming out?

they aren't making a luigis mansion for ds because its only for gamecube but they are making one for 3ds in 2012(or earier)

Where is Mario in luigi's mansion?

trapped in a portrait on the final level of luigis mansion

Where is the washer in luigis mansion?

probably in the laundry room

How do you get luigis mansion for day in Mario super sluggers for the Wii?

you dont get luigi mansion in the day

Luigis mansion walkthrew?

Go to there are plenty walkthroughs there.