Will there be a Spider-Man 4?

For a while, there were rumors of a Spider Man 4, but the director (Sam Raimi) and Sony Pictures, the film's potential distributor, could not agree on a way forward. For example, Raimi didn't like any of the proposed scripts. Ultimately, after several false starts, the project was canceled in 2011. But in 2014, rumors began to surface again that maybe Raimi (or some other director) would reconsider the idea; and Sony certainly expressed an interest in seeing the film made. However, at this point, there does not seem to be a definite plan for a fourth Spider Man movie.

No. Instead of a fourth movie starring Tobey Maguire, the movie series was rebooted with Andrew Garfield taking over the role with the 2 movie reboot series titled, The Amazing Spider-Man.

No. After part 3 flopped, plans for a 4th film were scrapped.