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Will there be a sonic heroes 2?


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I heard rumors a few months after '''Heroes''' was released that a sequel was in the making, with a 5th team consisting of Tikal (speed), Chaos (power), and the lesser known Ray the Flying Squirrel (fly). However, Sega seems to have shelved the idea altogether.

yes there is its coming out very soon 2 the teams are not true though there is team hedgehog which is consisted of sonic shadow and silver also known as team triple S which is what they were originaly gunna call it. team dark made of shadow, mighty the aradillo and a mystery caracter. and I'm pretty sure team chaoatix is the same. and the main enemy is scrouge the hedgehog ever heard of him? don't care just some info's on that :)I heard it will come out in the fall of 2010 or 2011.