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No Hannah Montana, and Hannah Montana Forever are both over.

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โˆ™ 2011-03-24 19:36:27
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Q: Will there be more Hannah Montana shows?
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Is any more new tv shows come on Hannah Montana?

No. Hannah Montana Forever ended the Hannah Montana show forever.

What shows do Hannah Montana act in?

Hannah Montana; That's so Suite Life of Hannah Montana; Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana; Hannah Montana: The Movie and Hannah Montana: The Concert that's it

How many Hannah Montana shows are there?

Ok Miley Cyrus has about 4 seasons and more Television shows are coming out for the fourth season Hannah Montana Forever

Is the series Hannah Montana over?

Yes the shows of Hannah Montana are over

What kind of DVD does Hannah Montana have?

She has a DVD of every Hannah Montana Forever episode and she has several DVDs of Hannah Montana shows.

When is Hannah Montana finish her shows?

She is done, No more making episode.

Who makes more money Hannah Montana or nick?

* Since Nick Jonas is part of the Jonas Brothers, and you are wondering if Only nick makes more money. Since Hannah Montana Has been going on longer and she has sold out shows movies interviews, Hannah Montana makes more money.

Who is more famous Hannah Montana or beyonce?

Hannah Montana

Phone number the fan 660 radio?

Hannah Montana i love you shows i got a Hannah Montana bed

Is the Hannah Montana movie the finale of the shows?


Is Hannah Montana doing a concert in Australia?

Hannah Montana died. Miley Is Not Doing Hannah Anymore. Just The Shows. Sorry. Miley Team.

Do more people hate Hannah Montana or Selena?

hannah montana obviosly.

Is Hannah Montana finished?

Not yet but now there is going to be 1 hour long Hannah Montana episodes at the end of the season she will stop doing Hannah Montana shows and only focus on her music.

Is miley Hannah Montana shows over?


What shows and movies has Miley Cyrus been in?

Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana The Movie, Two and A Half Men, The Last Song.

Do the Hannah Montana shows when Miley moves end the show?

No, there will be a new series coming out this summer called Hannah Montana Forever.

Why did miley Cyrus quit her shows Hannah Montana and Hannah Montana forever?

Because Disney hated how big of a brat she became

Is miley making more episodes of Hannah monatna?

After The Movie Hannah Montana i don't think they will be making more episodes of Hannah Montana.

Is there going to be a Hannah Montana season 4?

On the night of March 14, 2010 Hannah announced there will be another season of Hannah Montana. The new shows will be titled as Hannah Montana Forever.No. There will not be another season of the show. Hannah Montana fans will miss Hannah (Miley) but she is grown now and will move on to other roles.

Is Hannah Montana fat?

yes she is well was but now there's no more hannah montana.

When will Hannah Montana never be shown again?

She said that she will quit Hannah Montana when she is 18 so when she turns 18 no more Hannah Montana D:.

Will there be anymore new shows for Hannah Montana forever?

No there will not be anymore Hannah Montana. She had the movie and then the episode revealing her secret. Hope that helps you out Bye...

Is Hannah montanna over?

no there is not going to be a Hannah Montana on Disney channel but her old shows and Hannah Montana forever will be on Disney channel and u have nothing to worry about this is no time soon

Who is millie Cyrus?

she is a girl a brother in the Hannah Montana shows

Does Hannah Montana have poison ivy in one of the shows?


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