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Viruses aren't really sent to the Recycle Bin; the files infected with viruses are sent there. So, even if an infected file is permanently deleted, it does not mean your computer is safe. Further, many sophisticated virus writers can make their malicious code resistant to deletion and can even propagate when the user tries to delete them. It's important to use a good anti-virus program -- there are more than several out there, including the free program, AVG -- almost all of which create a quarantine and provide safe, thorough removal.

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Q: Will viruses in recycle bin be permanently deleted when recycle bin is emptied?
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What viruses lives permanently in the cells and flares up periodically?

herpes viruses

What are the viruses that can be deleted?

All viruses can be deleted with the help of a good anti virus software and some time you need to run an anti spyware software too.

What kind of viruses lives permanently in the cell and flare up periodically?

Herpes Viruses i believe

How do you get viruses off my computer?

If you know the infected file, delete it and empty the recycle bin.

How can viruses be detected and deleted?

It cant be deleted every one know that you stupid idiot that asked this question you should be shot in the head ... lol suck on that LMFAO:)

Where do you get toontown injector free with no viruses or torrents?

Don't get it I learned that once you download it and run it Toontown admin contact you and destroy your account permanently.

How can you tell your computer has a virus?

Look for suspicious activity and popups such as " Buy this product to get rid of viruses". Viruses also cause strange activity, deleted files, other strange behavior. A good anti-virus program will also alert you to any virus/malware that has been detected and then deleted. Use a good anti-virus vendor to eliminate it.

What windows files can be deleted?

the 1ns that can be proccessed and without microchip for the document or Microsoft itself you have to check on your settings to find out applications that our saved on it depending on if their viruses the document can be deleted finally what computer have you got is it a computer or laptop? think to yourself what is it? dell

If i manually deleted a folder and cleaned my recycle bin did i delete the virus?

It's never that easy. Viruses are programs that run without your permission, you'll need a virus removal tool of some sort. There is also something called malware, and browser hijacking programs. You need to either buy a good removal program or spend more time studying this issue.

How do you get rid of viruses on your hard drive?

Go to search on the start option and search for system restore. If you have this program click on the results. Restore your computer to a day when you did not have the viruses. Your information will not be deleted, only harmfull programs will. This might not work but it is worth giving it a try.

What arthritis is a result from bacterial invasion?

This is called septic arthritis and can come with a number of different bacteria and viruses. it is generally not permanently damaging and clears up with the infection.

I don't have money on my computer so what will viruses do to me?

Viruses can slow you down and permanently damage your PC, some viruses are less harmful and won't cause any, but it's always on the safe side to get virus protection. I believe AVG is a free anti-virus software, I recommend downloading it off a safe site like Cnet.

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