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It depends on your might have to go to summer school or do extra credit or something.

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Q: Will you fail the 8th grade if you fail one of your core classes?
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What Happens If You Fail 8th Grade History?

you die

What grades can cause you to flunk 8th grade?

Typically, continuously failing multiple core classes such as English, Math, Science, or Social Studies can lead to flunking 8th grade. Schools may have specific grading policies in place that determine when a student is at risk of failing the grade. It's important for students to communicate with their teachers and seek help if they are struggling in any subject.

Can you pass 7Th grade if you fail an elective?

Passing 7th grade typically requires passing all core subjects. Failing an elective may impact your overall GPA but should not prevent you from moving on to the next grade as long as you pass your core subjects. It's best to check with your school's policies to understand specific requirements.

im in 9th grade but i have 2 take 8th grade classes. what do i do if i want to take 9th grade classes.?

If you want to take 9th grade classes you should speak with your school guidance councelor and/or principal to see if they can adjust your classes.

What happens if you only fail one quarter in 8th grade?

noting much but you can't fail any more i might fail and i have a bad grade so pray for me but don't fail any more

What classes do i need to pass to pass 8th grade?

The required grades to pass the 8th grade include 70 percent in language arts and math.

Is it possible to fail the 8th grade and repeat it again?

you can fail any grade and have to repeat it. I think if you get atleast four failing marks (50 and below/R), I think they make you repeat the whole grade.

What happens if you fail staar test for 8th grade?

I heard you don't get to graduate to the next grade but I don't think that's true..

Can you go into the 9th if you don't pass 3 classes in 8th grade?

Not in most schools

If ive already chosen my highschool classes does that mean I've passed the 8th grade?

If you have already chosen your high-school classes, it does not necessarily mean that you have passed the 8th grade, because you can choose your subjects even before the release of your results.

What grade do you take biology?

Bio 9th if you took the regents in the 8th grade.....from there just regular classes, you will figure that out when you get to high school

Did Jake t Austin fail a grade?

No. His birthday is on December 3rd, 1994. He is 14. And he is in 8th grade. His birthday is just early in the year.