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I don't think so... you should go see the vet. Most likely, yes. Dogs are carnivores which means they eat meat. The bird is no longer alive after being eaten. The only potential problem is the bird bones have a tendancy to splinter and can stick into the dogs intestine. That usually only happens when dogs are given chicken or turkey bones. I am assuming that if the dog ate an entire bird at one time , then the bird was relatively small. The only harm done was to the bird. Answer I tend to disagree. Birds carry a variety of diseases that can be transferred to your dog. I would take the dog to the vet and have them run a fecal float for intestinal parasites and bacteria. If not, expect to see diarrhea in the next week.

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2009-07-18 05:31:46
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Q: Will your dog be okay if he ate a live bird?
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