Winchester 1400 shotgun

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Made from 1964-68; 50-250 USD

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Q: Winchester 1400 shotgun
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What does 1400 mean on a Winchester shotgun?

The number 1400 refers to the Model number of your Winchester shotgun.

What years was the Winchester 1400 manufactured?

The Winchester model 1400 shotgun was made by Winchester from 1964-1981.

Is a Winchester 1400 gas operated or mechanical?

Your Winchester model 1400 semi auto shotgun is gas operated.

How much is the cost today for Winchester 1400 shotgun?


What is Winchester model 1400 shotgun worth?

Your Winchester model 1400 semi-auto shotgun is valued at between 140-220 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

What is the value of a Winchester model 1400 MK Shotgun semi automatic?

How old and how much in value is a Winchester semi- auto 12 gauge shotgun model 1400 MK II serial number 483251

What other Winchester shotgun barrels will inner change with model 1400?


What was the cost of a new Winchester 1400 shotgun?

You don't specify a time frame.

How old is a Winchester model 1400 mk2- 12gauge semi automatic shotgun - Ser N453081?

Your Winchester model 1400 MK2 was made between the years 1969-1972.These were the only years that Winchester stamped there model 1400 with the MK2.

Winchester Mark IV 1400 automatic shotgun?

The Winchester Mark IV 1400 shotgun is relatively new on the market, and there are a lot of them in circulation. So the value is not excellent. Typically, this gun is sold online for around 150 dollars.

When was your Winchester 1400 serial number N1150682 made?

You should contact Winchester directly and go to customer service.They should be able to identify when your Model 1400 shotgun was made.

What year was Winchester model 1400 serial number N1012964?

I can say that Winchester made the model 1400 shotgun from 1964-1981.But they did not record the serial numbers by year of production.