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150-250 dollars depending on the overall condition of the rifle in question.


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your Winchester model 290 was made between 1965-1973.

your Winchester model 290 in good condition should be in the range of 200-275 dollars.

Value of a 1892 2520 winchester

Your Winchester model 290 deluxe rifle is going for between 90-200 dollars depending on the amount of original finish and condition.

these are running from 200-275 dollars depending on condition.

The value of a 1972 Winchester model 70 270 cal is between $760 to $800. This is good condition price.

The value of a pre 64 model 70 cal. 270 in good shape will go for somewhere around 1200.00 to 1800.00.. with out anykind of a scope.

How do you remove the forend from a Winchester model 190 22 cal. rifle for refinishing?

A good price would be between 300-350 dollars for a rifle made in the 70,s.

Your winchester model 52,.22 cal rifle was made by winchester in 1935.

I myself own a Winchester model seven and I had it inspected by my local gun smith and he said it's worth around $2,225

the Winchester 1890 is a fine 22 cal plinker. check with '' and look under winchester 1890 model for sale price

your Winchester model 100 semi-auto was made in 1965.

it's a Winchester modal 1924 it is a 32 cal. revolver

The year that the model 70 .222 cal Winchester rifle was made was in the year of 1936. However, this model continued to be made up until 2006.

your model 67 Winchester is running between 200-250 dollars.

Winchester model 04A takes a .22 cal round as it is intended for younger men up to adult

Your winchester model 1890 pump .22 cal rifle was made in 1904.these rifles are best evaluated by a winchester collectors assoc.member,or a qualified gun collector to asses the features you may have on the gun,and the amount of overall original finish.These will set the price for your winchester model 1890 rifle.

I don't even think there is a model 15 is their?

Your Winchester model 1890 .22 cal rifle was made by Winchester in 1912.

your winchester model 1894 rifle was made by winchester in 1918,with the serial number that you provided.

Winchester never made a model 62757.Please check your model number again.

What do you want to know?

The Winchester 200 series of .22caliber rifles did not have there serial numbers records recorded by Winchester by year of production.This includes the Winchester models 250,270,290,255,and 275.These rifles were introduced between 1963-1965,with the model 275 being discontinued in 1971 along with the model 255.The models 250,and 270 were discontinued in 1974.The model 290 was discontinued in 1976.I hope that you find this informative.

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