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Q: Wires with high resistance change electrical energy into what?
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Compared to thin wires electrical resistance in thick wires are?

The electrical resistance in thick wires is less than thin.

Resistance in wires causes electrical energy to be converted to what energy form?

Most resistors convert electrical energy into thermal energy, which is often called heat.

How does electrical energy travel?

Through electrical wires.

What is the energy that flows along wires?

Electrical energy.

What type of energy is produced with a battery wires and a bulb?

The battery produces electrical energy. If the light bulb is connected between the terminals of the battery, then the bulb will change the electrical energy into heat, and if you're lucky and you have the correct voltage, also maybe some light.

Does electrical energy travel through wires?

An electrical current - and the energy it carries - can travel through any conductor. Quite often, these conductors will be wires.

What are the examples of electrical energy?

electricity moving on wires

Why should the connecting wires in a bulb be of low resistance?

This is to avoid energy losses in the connecting wires.

What is connected to an energy source by wires and changes electrical energy into other forms of energy?

a load

Why are wires with high resistance used in light and toasters?

High resistance wires convert the energy used, into heat. That makes the toaster heat up or the light to turn on.

Where does electrical energy enter a home?

Through wires. The exact location of the wires varies, depending on the house.

What are the wires leading to some wheel-speed sensors twisted?

They are twisted to improve resistance to electrical interference and the also help with improving voltage resistance.