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With a lot of confusion when you have the ball at your feet do you keep your body over the ball while running or do you have your shoulders back?


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2009-02-01 20:43:33
2009-02-01 20:43:33

keep your shoulders back it keeps you more stable


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many humans do it but to answer your question no. it'll most likely slow you down.

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A good high school running back should have a lot of upper body strength as well a lower body strength. Generally the running back should be the most physically fit individual on the team. Having good biceps help with ball handling while shoulders and chest help with pumping your arms while running. I Guess you can say you have to be pretty buff to be a running back.

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The chances for a concussion for a running back are much greater in football due to the fact that you must lower your shoulders and run through the whole defense line.

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you pull your shoulders back and straighten your back

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push your shoulders back, head level, neck straight. Shoulder stretches help if you have trouble putting your shoulders back.

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