Wolf vs lion

Updated: 9/20/2023
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yes but the lion will win

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Q: Wolf vs lion
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Who will win in wolf vs lion?

AnswerA lion would easily kill a wolf, they are much more powerful and they have much more muscle and stronger, maybe if it was a lion vs a pack of them then maybe the wolf would win but one on one the wolf wouldn't stand a chance.

Which would win in a fight cougar vs leapord a coyote vs jakal grizzly vs lion black bear vs jaguar wolf vs hyena a 80 pound lynx vs cheetah and bobcat vs red wolf?

l would say the lion or the grizzly would win in a fight 1. The Lion or maybe the Grizzly 2. The Leopard 3. Jaguar 4. Cougar 5. Hyena 6. Wolf 7. Cheetah 8. Red Wolf 9. Black bear

Is there a lion pride game just like wolf quest so realistic and vitual i really want to know?

there is lion it is just like wolf quest and the game wolf but you got to have the same thing downloaded for wolf. Here's i predator a game with games called cheetah vs antelope, buffalo vs lion and seal vs shark and there's web earth online but it has no lions. HOPE THIS HELPED! :):):):):):)

When was Lion Vs. Lion created?

Lion Vs. Lion was created in 1981.

Which would win a lion or a pack of wolves?

it depends on the lion and the wolves. one healthy adult lion vs eight wolves, probably the lion but only because they killed the leader of the wolf pack. he would also have lots of injuries.

Who would win skunk vs rat vs lion vs cat vs horse vs aligator vs crocodile vs monkey vs cobra vs wolf vs tiger vs cheetah vs dog vs rhino vs shark vs whale vs fish vs bear vs deer vs mouse?


What Animals Would Win Some Fights With Eatchover?

Lions vs African Buffalo 60% Lion would Win !! lion vs Elephant 80% Elephant Would Win Lion Vs Tiger ? Tiger would win 90% Rhinoserous vs Lion Very Difficult for Lion zebra vs Lion ? Lion would win 80% giraffe vs Lion Lion would win 70% of the Time

Is a lion stronger than a bull?

The answer if really John Wheeler, he would poach the lion and skin the bear. But according to wheeler and people, bears have more muscles and are larger than lions, which means bears are stronger than lions.

Who would win Wolf vs hyena in a fight?


Who will win between a lion vs a bull?


Who would win lion vs turtle?

the lion will win.

What would a lion do to a hyena?

1 lion vs. 1 hyena, the lion would kill/scare the hyena away. Hyenas are usually only in a pack. 1 lion vs. a pack of hyenas, they would kill the lion.