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Word meaning diarrhea of the mouth?

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"Diarrhea of the mouth" or "Verbal Diarrhea" is a humorous term used to describe someone who talks a lot, almost as if it were their talking was uncontrollable or involuntary like diarrhea.

A single word version of this is "logorrhea."

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What is word meaning disentary of the mouth?

It means diarrhea of the mouth and is spelled Dysentery.Refering to someone who speaks loosely.

What is the meaning of the kikuyu word kanua?

The English meaning for the Kikuyu word kanua is the mouth.

What is the medical term meaning bloody diarrhea?

Dysentery is the medical term meaning bloody diarrhea.

Latin word for mouth or opening?

The Latin words for mouth or opening are os and ostium. Os meaning mouth, mask, bone, opening. Ostium meaning door, mouth, entrance, gate, or exit.

Another word meaning to lip sync?

to mouth something

What is the meaning of oral defamation?

To defame somebody by word of mouth.

What is the root word for diarrhea?

It does not have a root but it is made up of a prefix Dia- meaning across, apart and rrhea- meaning profuse flow.

What is the meaning of diarrhea flatulence?

MEANING OF DiarrheaFlatulence

What is the meaning of this idiom By word of mouth?

"By word of mouth" means that news, information, or gossip is being spread not by print but by people speaking to each other.

What is a vivid word?

A vivid word is a better word for other word like its a better meaning not a baby meaning for example: good: amazing,fantastic, tasty: mouth watering, scarunsues

What is the meaning of the word diarrhea?

Most commonly known as having loose bowl movements the meaning of the word directly means flow through. It also is the second killer world-wide of infants.

What is the word stomata mean in greek?

Its plural for the word στόμα (stoma) meaning ''mouth'' So its mouths.

What is the medical term pertaining to mouth?

The word that means pertaining to the mouth is oral.

What the meaning of the grapevine?

Either the tree that carries grapes, or it can mean "Word of mouth"

What is a four letter word on the dollar bill meaning uttered by mouth?


Meaning of phoonk in Hindi?

phoonk is a Hindi word and means blowing air by mouth.

What is the medical term meaning loose or watery stools?

diarrheaLoose stools is a "nice" way to say Diarrhea.DiarrheaDiarrheaDiarrhoea - the passage of 3 or more loose or watery stools per daydiarrheadiarrhea

Cat foaming at mouth and diarrhea what could it be?

Sounds like distemper

How is the meaning of theory in science different from the everyday use of the term-?

The meaning of the word theory to science is the studied of something that is based on facts. The word theory in everyday life is by word of mouth not facts.

What is the noun of mouth?

The word 'mouth' is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for the opening through which a human or an animal eats and breathes; an opening in an inanimate object; a word for a thing.The word 'mouth' is also a verb; to form words with the mouth without any sound; to say something without meaning it or without understanding what you say.The noun form of the verb to mouth is the gerund, mouthing.

What is the medical term meaning diarrhea?

Diarrhea is a medical term.Diarrhea is a medical term for having 3 or more loose stools per day.

What is the zoology term meaning Mouth?

Os is the zoology term meaning mouth.

What is the medical term meaning sickness and diarrhea?


What sounds like a case of diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain in Bud Not Buddy?

a burp

What is the Greek meaning of the word esophagus?

The word is properly transliterated as oesophagus (Greek: οισοφάγος). It is composed of two words: oeson (meaning cord, rope or tube) and phagus (meaning to eat). So basically, the meaning of the word is "food tube", i.e. the tube via which the food descends from the mouth to the stomach.