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Q: Words which oo but sounds different?
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What a monkey sounds like?

oo oo oo oo oo oo

How do you figure out words with long vowel sounds?

A long vowel sound is one that says the name of the letter (U can be OO or YOO). The sounds are ay, ee, eye, oh, and oo/yoo. For example, age, ache and able are all long A words.

What is the name of the sound made by a monkey?

Monkeys make different sounds depending on their mood. When they want attention and/or food, they can be very vocal.

What words have the same vowel sound as tour?

It depends on how you pronounce "tour." The R influences the OO sound, which sounds like the long OO in too followed by an (ur). Dictionaries show this as a short OO as in good and foot, but it is much closer to a long OO sound. The same sound appears in the words boor, poor (pour), and spoor. Words with a long OO include: U words with a silent E (tune, dude) UE words (due, clue) OU words (ghoul) Words with a YOO sound as in humid, human, mule, cute, feud, and fuel.

Does the word soon have a long U sound?

Yes. Also the rhyming words moon, loon, and cocoon have long U (OO) sounds.

Does sure have a long U sound?

No. It has a short OO sound. This is clearer if you compare the short OO words good and should, because sure has the same first sounds as should.The long U (OO) sound is heard in the unusual term shoer, which rhymes with doer and newer.

Why does oo make different sounds?

Two O's beside each other make different sounds as in food, look, blood, and door. Mostly two O's beside each other make the long "u" sound.

When does 'oo' sound like 'you' in a word?

It never sounds like "you" because the double oo sound has no y-glide.

Why do you spell words with letters?

Letters represent sounds created in speech, and the combinations of sounds that create spoken words. Different languages have different words for the same concepts or things, and different rules for how letters are to be pronounced.

What are words with similar spelling but different sounds?

They are homographs.

What words have an o that sounds like u?

Word that have a short U (uh) sound:done, dove, donkey, dozenfrontglovelovemonk, monkeysome, son(Similarly the OO sounds like a short U in blood and flood.)

Words have the same ending consonant sound but the vowel sounds are different such as that and hit?

Consonance, as opposed to assonance of vowel sounds or alliteration of sounds at the beginning of words.