Words with logy in it

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: Words with logy in it
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What are six words that start with logy?

There are no words that start with "logy", except for the word "logy".However, many words start with the suffix "-logy" or "the study of", including biology, glaciology, geology, paleontology, pathology, and entomology.

Why do some science words end with logy?

"logy" means the science of. Like take Biology for instance... the beginning,bio meaning life; and the end, logy meaning the study of... so biology is the study of life.

What are five words with the root logy?

zoology, psychology, parasitology, pedagogy, topology. These are words using logy as a suffix. Logic, Logistics, are maybe what you're looking for.

What are some words end with the suffix logy?


What science words end with logy?


What words end with the prefix logy?

Some words that end with the prefix "logy" include biology, psychology, sociology, and geology.

The study of living things 2 words?

The 2 words are: Bio- life logy- study = Biology

Why can you say that biology is life and that life is biology?

bio is study and logy is life. these words comes from the greek words

What words have -logy?

Any word meaning 'the study of'. Examples are biology, ecology, technology and psychology.

What does logy in the word astrology mean?

-logy means "the study or science of".

What is the meaning of Ecology comes from two Greek words?

βιολογία/Biology comes from the Greek words "Bios" meaning 'Life' and "Ologia/Ology" meaning 'The study of'.

What noun can you form suffix logy?

Some nouns with the suffix -logy are:analogyanesthesiologyanthropologyapologyarchaeologyastrologyaudiologybiologycardiologychronologyclimatologycosmetologycriminologycryptologycytologydermatologyecologyendocrinologyentomologyeulogygemologygenealogygynecologyhematologyhydrologyichthyologyimmunologymeteorologymethodologymicrobiologymineralogymythologynanotechnologyneonatologynumerologyontologyophthalmologyornithologypaleontologyparasitologypathologypharmacologypsychologyradiologyrheumatologyseismologyserologysociologytechnologyterminologytheologytoxicologytrilogyvulcanologyzoology