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Words with prefix aqua?

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aqueduct, aqua-water, aquaculture, aquamarine etc

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What prefix with 'aqua'?

Aqua is a prefix

List of words with the prefix aqua?


What are some words that begin with the prefix Aqua?

Aquamarine, aquanaut, aquarium and aquatic are words that begin with the letters aqua.

What are words with the prefix aqua in them?

aquanaut, aquatics, aquarium

What are some words which start with the prefix aqua?

aquamarine aquarium

What words begin with the prefix aqua?

< pito culo pendejo

What does the prefix aqua mean in latin?

Aqua means water :)Words that include it are aquamarine, aquatic, aquameter

What the does the prefix aqua mean?

The prefix aqua- means water. This is shown in aquarium.

What does he prefix aqua mean?


What are English derivatives of the prefix 'aqua'?

Aquamarine, aquifer, aquacade, aquaclude, aquamarine, aquatint

What does the prefix hydr or hydro mean?

The prefix "hydro" means water, aquatic, aqua, etc...

What does the prefix aqau mean?

Do you mean "aqua" (that is in my username as my favorite color...LOL) The root aqua means water.

What Words Start With Aqua?

Words that start with 'aqua' are aquamarine, aquatic, and aquaculture.

What do the prefix aque mean?

the prefixes aqua- , aque- have to do with blueness and water

What does the suffix hydro mean?

The prefix "hydro" means water or aqua.

What does the prefix aqua mean?

it means water for example: "aquafina" its a brand of water.

What prefix means water?

Aqua. Hydro. As in aquifer or hydro-electric.

What words have aqua in them?

aquamarine aqua aquaculture aquanaut aquaplane aquarium

Words starting with aqua?

"aqua" is a root that means either a bright blue or water. Words beginning with aqua are aquatic aquarium aquarelle aquamarine aquatint...

Is inside and indoor prefix words?

Inside and indoor are prefix words. They have the prefix in-.

Are their words that have the prefix or?

There is no prefix or-.

What are some words with the root aqua?

aquarium aqua teen hunger force

Which words have the Latin root word aqua?


What is the prefix of aquarium?

The prefix is aqua (water). This is followed by rium, which means place or building. So aquarium means water building or water place.

What are prefix words for In?

In- is a prefix that means not. Some words with this prefix are inactive, inmost, instead, inviolate, etc.

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