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1. Russia (1,027,000 active) (22,010,000 reserve)

2. North Korea (1,106,000 active) (8,200,000 reserve)

3. South Korea (687,000 active) (8,000,000 reserve)

4. Vietnam (455,000 active) (5,000,000 reserve)

5. China (2,285,000 active) (1,510,000 reserve)

6. India (1,325,000 active) (2,142,821 reserve)

7. United States of America (1,580,255 active) (864,547 reserve)

8. Iran (510,000 active)(1,800,000 reserve)

9. Brazil (327,710 active) (1,340,000 reserve)

10. Cuba (49,000 active) (1,159,000 reserve)

11. Ukraine (129,925 active) (1,000,000 reserve)

12. Turkey (510,600 active) (428,700 reserve)

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The worlds largest standing army is china.

the US has the largest standing army in the world and has access to some of the worlds most advanced technology

ofough it Thats a subjective question.Hence,your countrys Army is the best in the World. However,the US Army is the best equipped in the World.They also have the best kill ratio thanks to their wide arsenal of killing machines.It's a know fact:The US Army has the World largest airforce to back them up.Just like the Marines have the Worlds largest Navy to back them up.

Indian army is the third largest army in the world it has 3,773,300 troops.

Red China still probably has either the largest or the second largest army.

Largest Army in WW2The Soviet Union (USSR) had the largest army in World War 2, the Red Army. Then America, then Germany,

China has the largest army to the present day

The Peoples' Republic of China has the world's largest standing army.

By active personnel, North Korea has the fourth largest army.

The largest army base in Germany is in Ramstein, Rheinland-Pfalz.

Russia had the largest army because they wanted to follow the idea of Militarism

China has the numbers, but America has the guns & Australia has the heart.China has the largest army.

The Peoples Republic of China fields the world's largest standing army.

Pennsylvania has the largest army national gaurd and the fourth largest air national gaurd

India has the third largest Army in the world after China and USA.

in history, the deadliest army is the assyrian army and now i believe it is the usa

Russia has the largest army in Europe and the world (including active or inactive personnel).

Pakistan because it has 740,000 active solders (6th largest army in the world) 2nd best trained army in the world, worlds 3rd rank Commando force (SSG), Only Islamic Nuclear Power Country & one of the best Missile system.

Indian Army is the 2nd largest Army in the world

General Charles Cornwallis forced the largest British army to Yorktown.

Yes, China have the largest army strength in the world as per stastical graph 2007.

The leader of the largest unit of the Roman Army was the legatus

The Paris gun of WWI. It weighed 256 tons. it was 28m long and fired a 240mm round. It was made by Krupp of Germany. The German army used it on Paris France.

The largest ARMY was the Union, in America. The largest MILITARY force was Britain, mainly because of it's navy.

The US Army is the largest branch of service.

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