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hi, i think conerta gives u less mood swings then Adderall xr. atleast that was case with my daughter. she was very moody and crying all of time on adderall xr. changed her to concerta, she totally different. different med's work differntly on people. you just have to try them with the doctor's help Addition to Answer - The original answer is spot-on. Sadly, treating ADHD in both kids and adults requires trial and error to find which of the 8 or so meds, solo or in combination, that are commonly used work best for each patient.

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Q: Would Concerta or focalin cause less anxiety and mood swings than adderall?
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Does concarta have bad side effects?

its concerta... and not really because i took it for a while... mostly mood swings and tiredness...

Does Adderall make you have mood swings?

Yes because you get a high from Adderall. It puts you in a good mood when your at your high and your in a bad mood when u have your low. it happens to me everyday

What are the main effects of stress?

fatigue, weight gain/loss, mood swings, loss of sleep, anxiety.

Can using Concerta make you want to kill or hurt yourself?

Between 1 in 100 and 1 in 1000 people on concerta get depression, mood swings, tearfulness and ideas that suicide would be the best solution for them. A small number of these do attempt suicide and unfortunately, some are successful.

What is the best treatment for someone who has both ADD Anxiety Right now I take AdderallXR but I think it's making my anxiety worse. What would be a better option for me Is there one?

Hello! I have ADHD with anxiety/panic attacks. I would definitely discuss the side effect with the Dr. who Rx'ed AdderallXR to you! About 6+ years ago I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD and began taking AdderallXR. It worked extremely well yet usually wore off by 5 p.m. or so, when I'd still be at work. So my psychiatrist switched me to 'regular' Adderall (or Adderall Immediate-Release) to take in divided doses throughout the day. He also rx'ed me Klonopin years ago for extreme anxiety. It has been quite mild and one med does not seem to effect the other much; the Klonopin just makes me feel 'normal' or 'leveled' and not panicky or riddled with anxiety. I did take a short break years ago from Adderall--I switched to Ritalin. While at first it seemed to make me feel more calm than Adderall, I soon began to feel almost zombie-like on it; it also was not as effective for me and also led to very bad mood swings etc. Not for me! If your anxiety is extreme please discuss it with your Dr.!!! Best!

Adderall and Mood Swings?

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You are exsauted when your adderall wears off and you take 40 mg aday of the fast released is this normal?

Yes this is very normal. Usually when adderall is wearing off it can result in headache, mood swings, loss of appetite. and sleepiness just to name a few.

Can you take mucinex DM Concerta and lamictal at the same time?

It should be safe. Mood stabilizers, such as Lamictal, are prescribed occasionally for those that have mood swings when taking a stimulant ADHD medication.

What psychosocial factors influence your food and drink choice?

Stress and anxiety affects food choices. The mood swings can also cause binging.

Can Adderall cause low blood sugar?

Low blood sugar is not one of the published side effects of Adderall, though elevated blood pressure is. Adderall is a stimulant and so, its unlikely to reduce blood sugar levels. The following page has good information about side effects associated with Adderall. You should always consult a doctor before taking Adderall or any closely regulated pharmaceutical product. Being a stimulant, Adderall can speed up your metabolism. Additionally, it can cause nervousness and anxiety, which can cause low blood sugar in some people. It can affect your body in many unpredictable ways, especially through non-medical side effects (e.g., causing you to perform physical activities faster than normal or necessary, which can easily cause low blood sugar). It is best to consult a doctor, and/or watch its effects on your own body closely. I have type I diabetes and am an occasional user of Adderall. Personally, it rarely lowers my blood sugar, but I often confuse the heightened anxiety and mood swings for a low blood sugar. Once again, I stress that it is of utmost importance to consult a doctor and/or monitor its effects on your own body, since ANY drug can cause different effects in different users.

How long do 54 mg Concerta side-effects last?

concerta does not realy have any side effects,but when i changed my medication i felt anxious for 2 days but alot better than my first medication RITALIN LA it made me fell sad and i had mood swings for 2 weeks. adhd is hard to live with i cant pay attention

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