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Q: Would Saturn float in a bathtub?
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What can Saturn do?

Saturn can float in a bathtub if you can find one big enough for it

Why could Saturn be able to float in a planet sized tub?

Saturn would float in a bathtub because it has the lowest density of all the planets. If something has very low density, it floats. Thus explaining why Saturn would float

Which planet's fun fact is about a bathtub?

That's probably Saturn. It is less dense than water. So, Saturn would float in a very large bath of water, in theory.

If you could put earth in a bathtub would it float?

No, it would sink. The Earth has a mean density of 5.5153 g/cm3 which is much greater than water. Saturn on the other hand WOULD float in water.

What planet would float if dropped in the sun?

None of them. If any planet were to crash into the Sun, the planet would be instantly vaporized.You may be thinking of the planet Saturn, which is so light that if it could be placed in a big enough bathtub, would float.

I am the object in the solar system that can float in water if you find a bathtub big enough to hold me?

Saturn. And then the water freezes...

Why would a solid steel marble sink and a steel bowl float in a bathtub of water?

it is hollow so it will float

Will Saturn float or sink if you place water?

Float. The problem is whether you can find a bathtub big enough for it :D

Which planets density is lesser than that of water?

Saturn's is.

Is earth floating on water?

no because its density is greater than one ( anything less than one, density wise would float ____________________ Actually, only Saturn "would float"; ie, has a density less than 1. Earth has a density of 5.5 or so, and if there were a big enough bathtub, would sink like the rock it is.

Where can you float in water on holiday?

the bathtub

What planet is so light it would float in water?