Would a 5'10'' 210 lb 13-year-old have a good chance in the NFL as a linebacker?

Hmm you're around the same size as me & I'm 14. You should be 6'5" - 6'7" by time you're 23. You'd be more suitable at defensive end, but whoever heard of an oversized linebacker? You'd most likely be a beast who'll punish running backs. Only one thing, you'll have to make sure you beef up & stay beefed up, & you'll have to run 40 yards in at most 4.7 or your coach'll probably switch you to defensive end. You could probably (depending on the game situation) switch between ILB, OLB & DE if you go over 260lbs. If you grow to 6'6", weigh 262lbs, can bench 225lbs 35 times & run 40 in 4.66, you'll officially be a freak of nature. Make these your minimums.