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Not without seriously extensive (and expensive) modification

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Q: Would a Big Block Chevy 572 ci fit in a challenger?
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Does a 572 Chevy big block fit into a 1967 Chevy Nova?

Yes there is room for it to fit.

What is a 572 Chevy engine?

The Chevy 572 is new tall deck Chevy crate big block offered by GM Performance Parts. It comes in two versions, one at about 620 hp and another over 700.

Where can I find supercharger kits for the Chevy big block 572?

i use get a procharger setup

Can a 572 fit in a 76 Chevy camaro without fabrication other than big block mounts?

yes it can

Can you put a gm 572 in a 69 Chevy Camaro?

yes you can, you will just need the big block motor mounts to do it.

What is the largest displacement big block Chevy with stock block?

I've heard of boring and stroking to 572, but probably not much more without a tall deck.

Will a Chevy 572 big block fit in a 1980 firebird?

Anything will fit any car, anytime. That is hot rodding.

Is there such thing as a 1967 Chevy Camaro with an all aluminum 572 big block?

Not from the factory, but, someone could have put one in.

How many liters does a 572 Chevy big block?

if i did my math right its 9.4 so take that hippies!! if i did my math right its 9.4 so take that hippies!!

What is the biggest engine you can put into a 1976 Chevy Nova?

I've seen a 572 fit into one with no modification to the existing fenders or hood 502 Big Block

How many literes is the Chevy 572?


Does a 572 Chevy big block fit into a 1965 Chevelle?

Yep! It will bolt right in. The Chevelle was designed to handle the big block from day one. Externally, the 572 is virtually the same as a 396, it just has a slightly taller deck height because it is based on the 427 truck block. It will be a little taller and wider than a 396, but it will still bolt right in.