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Yes. I had trouble with my 2000 cavalier. Inside the ignition switch where the key goes is a sensor of some sort that the key hits to turn everything on. Mine went bad and nothing would come on, even though the engine would turn over it would not start. I ended up taking it to the shop & had it looked at. They found the problem with the switch & replaced it. cost about $150 part/labor

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Q: Would a bad ignition switch cause a 1999 Cavalier z24 not to fire?
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What would cause the windshield wipers and radio in a 91 Cavalier to quit running?

Try checking the fuses. If ok, then it is a wiring or electrical prob. You might also want to check your ignition switch. it may not be making contact properly. I found this happening on my1991 cavalier also. If I would twist the ignition like I was going to start it again, but not far enuff to grind the starter, everything would start woring again. this would sometimes last a long time and other time not so long. So, with that said I would place my money into the ignition switch.

Why would 2001 Pontiac Gran Prix SE ignition switch cause intermittent electrical problems with AC fan and lights?

ignition switch or key and tumbler.

What can cause a 1997 Honda Civic Sedan to have no spark and no fuel?

One thing that could cause this would be a faulty ignition switch, specially if you do not have ignition (cluster) lights. Just a thought...

Can the ignition switch cause your engine not to fire?

Yes, sometimes a faulty ignition switch can cause the engine to not fire. Also, a bad spark park can the engine to not fire.

How can you tell if the ignition switch is bad on a 95 Mercury Villager?

A bad ignition switch, on your 1995, Mercury Voyager, will cause the vehicle not to start. In most cases a bad ignition will cause the engine not to turn over.

Why would a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt not start?

after replacing the stearing colum what would cause it not to start. You may have disconnected the ignition switch.

Can a bad ignition switch cause a starter to not work?


Would a bad ignition switch cause battery to drain overnight and smoke out of steering column?

Good possibility

What would cause a car not to start after replacing the starter?

I had the same problem. I took it to a mechanic and they told me it was the ignition switch.

What would cause no electrical power to the ignition switch of a 1990 ford f150?

Ignition relay is probably shot. It is in the power distribution block in the motor comprtment.

What would cause ignition switch to NOT turn back to off position?

Bad switch or transmission not completely in park. Try putting a little pressure on the gearshift.

What would cause radio in 2005 ford focus to come on with key out of ignition?

Is it an "after-market" radio? It sounds like it was wired to a "hot" terminal that is not controlled by the ignition switch.

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