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No, it will just keep your furnace from turning on. At least that's the problem I'm having right now with the bad thermopile in my floor furnace.

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Q: Would a bad millivolt thermopile keep the pilot light in a floor furnace from staying lit?
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Would a bad millivolt thermopile allow the burner to light and the burner go out after several minutes?

I don't believe so. Most likely you are tripping a limit switch.

How millivolt switch works?

I am assuming that you mean switching a millivolt gas value. The switch applies a voltage to the gas valve thus allowing gas to flow. The voltage is provided by a thermopile. This device transforms the heat from the pilot into a voltage that can be used to control the valve. This system does not require an external voltage source. It does require the pilot to continuously operate. A thermopile consists of a number of thermocouples that are wired in series. This allows an increase in the voltage that would be provided by a single thermocouple.

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