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Car Radios take very little energy to run, so it'll take many hours of non-use to kill the battery. It is probably the wiring of the radio that is wrong. The radio should fully go off when car goes off. There needs to be a positive a negative and a wire hooked up under the fuse box to allow radio to come on when car comes on and go off when car goes off. You should be able to figure this out by the color of the wires on your wire hareness (wire adapter for radio to stock connector.) or just bring your car and radio to a car audio shop and they can do it for you.

If so, it would only be a dead battery, and a jump start would get you going again.

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Q: Would a custom stereo system cause the battery to go dead when your grand am is not in use 93 grand am se 2door V6 33l If so would it be bad wiring bad alternator bad battery?
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I recently installed a new stereo system into my car now my car sounds like my battery is weak is it my battery that I have to change or my alternator?

Check the battery with a vom meter while the engine is running. It should read about 14.5 volts and if so the alternator is working, than have the battery checked Now if the meter does not read 14.5 volts, have the battery, and the alternator checked. If they both check out okay, the problem is in the battery or the alternator circuit on the vehicle.

How do you stop a 1980 Toyota supra from losing its battery power?

Locate the power drain. You either have a switch on the doors or trunk that isn't cutting off...a light stays on. OR you have a badly installed car stereo/amp/or alarm system. Have you checked your alternator output? You can do so for free at Auto Zone. They can check it "on car". If you can, and it's an aftermarket stereo system, (after checking alternator and battery) disconnect stereo from power and wait overnight to see if better. This could also happen if you have a low-wattage alternator and a HUGE sound system that sucks down power. Auntetr

Why is battery being drain after new alternator put on?

What else is in the system? Was the battery charged and tested when the new alternator was put in? A new alternator can blow out if it is trying to charge a "Bad" battery. Was it a new alternator that was tested by a shop? It is possible it is a factory defect. If it was done by a shop I would take it back to the shop. It is also possible that there is a wire off or grounding that is draining the system. Have you installed a stereo amplifier? Some amplifiers draw more current than the car can provide.

The alternator is considered to be what part of your cars system?

The alternator is part of the electrical system. It is what charges the battery and keeps it charged.

What would cause the battery light to come on and the car to jerk and cut off on a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo?

There is several things that can cause your battery light to come on. Go to your nearest Advance Auto Parts and have them hook up the battery and alternator tester because your alternator could be bad, or if you have a lot of electrical products such as a powerfull stereo system, gps, DVD player etc., you could be drawing to many amps for you battery and alternator to keep a charge

What causes battery drain in Honda rancher?

The main cause of battery drains is a bad electrical system. The electrical system is normally powered by the alternator and once the alternator goes bad the battery has a hard time holding a charge,

Battery light keeps coming on Battery is not charging?

Have the charging system checked. Possibly loose or corroded wiring, a loose alternator belt, or a bad alternator.

Why is your alternator not charging your battery on your 91 camaro rs?

Apparently the alternator is bad or the battery is shot, take the car to autozone and get a free charging system check.

Why does it start and not stay on?

Could be charging system (battery, alternator) or fuel system (pump, line).

Have replaced alternator twice on 1999 zx2is this common?

Depending on how long the interval was between alternator changes. Less than a year and I would look for warranty on the alternator. Now there are factors beyond the alternator manufacturers control. A battery that is on it's last legs will take out an alternator really fast. A stereo system with a large Amp(s) will also shorten the life of an alternator drastically. These situations will not be a warranty issue.

Why does the battery charging system warning light come on?

The alternator switches off

What does a capacitor do for car sound system?

It helps relieve the stress on your Battery and Alternator.

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