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There Is A Possibility. The statistical risk depends on the type of chromosome translocation.

Either parent with a 21/21 translocation can only have children with Down syndrome.

One healthy and one parent with a 14/21 translocation has 50/50 odds of a child with Down syndrome. After the first pregnancy, this couple has an 8% to 10% risk of Down syndrome with every further child. Statistically.

Anyone with a genetically transmissible disease or condition should seek genetic counseling as part of their overall family planning.

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Would a male with Down syndrome and a male without Down syndrome have a child with Down syndrome?

No, because two males cannot have a child

Are children of Down Syndrome parents normal?

That would mean that the mother is the one with Down syndrome, since men with Down syndrome are sterile. There is a 50% chance that the child will have Down syndrome and 50% chance that child will be born without.

Can a male with Down syndrome and a female with Down syndrome have a child with Down syndrome?

approximately half of the offspring of someone with Down syndrome also have the syndrome themselves

I have two brothers have morquio syndrome what will the chance of his kids to have morquios syndrome if gets marry?

It depends if he gets marry to a female suffering from morquio syndrome then in this case each child will have 50% chance of having morquio the other side if he marries with normal female then non of his child will suffer from morquio syndrome, but there will be 25% chance that the child carry morquio syndrome gene.

Would parents pass down syndrome to their future children?

No. Parents who have a child with Down syndrome do not have an increased chance in having another child with Down syndrome. Everyone has the same chance of having a child with Down syndrome, 1%.

Is it possible for two people with Down syndrome to produce a normal healthy child?

Yes, it is possible but it is very unlikely. If you had two parents with Down Syndrome, you would have an 80% chance that your child would have Down Syndrome. [In the UK, Down Syndrome is known as Down's Syndrome.]

What is a parent's female child?

If a parent has a female child, that would be the parent's daughter.

Is it possible for 2 parents with down syndrome to produce a child with no non-disjunction disorder please explain why?

Since Down Syndrome is not genetic and is a trisomy, dominant and recessive genes do not play a role and it is possible for two down syndrome parents to have a child without down syndrome.

If you have Down syndrome can you ever have a child who does not have Down syndrome?

That depends. Men with Down syndrome have been shown to be sterile, while women with Down syndrome are capable of carrying a child, with 50% likelihood that the child will be born with Down syndrome.

Would a female be able to produce a child without her period?

No. The period blood is actually the "food" for the baby. And that's not the only reason.

What is so important about the middle child?

A lot is important about the middle child. It really doesn't matter the place of the child, but whether or not he/she believes in his/her self. The answer is a lot is important about the middle child.

How likely is a sibling of a down syndrome child to have a child with down syndrome?

It is highly unlikely.

Who is most likely to get Down syndrome?

Well, whenever a female reaches the age above 30-35, her eggs are older. If you get prego, the risk of your child having down syndrome increases.

Would a special education class help me interact with a child who has Down's Syndrome?

Yes a special education class would help you interact with a child who has Down's Syndrome. It will teach you how to be more patient and understanding of the child's disease.

Would a female with Down syndrome and a male without Down syndrome have a child with Down syndrome?

There is a High possibility of your child have this disease, but it all depends on the sex cells that get copied to the baby.Well, it's not a disease, it's a genetic anomoly that causes various levels of physical and intellectual disability plus can also cause serious health issues in some individuals due to organ development.Most authorities state that males with Down Sydndrome are sterile, the exception is some males with a rare form of DS, called Mosaic, where only certain cells have an extra chromosone. If the reproductive organs are not effected then theoretically that individual should be fertile. Females with Down Sydnrome have a 33% chance of having a healthy baby without any major disabilities. It would be unlikely that a male and female with DS would ever parent a healthy baby.

Is battered child syndrome a legitimate medical diagnosis?

Yes. I am a victim of BCS (Battered Child Syndrome)

Can a person with Down syndrome have normal kids?

This with Down syndrome can indeed have children without it. However, the chance of having a child with Downs is increase because of the parent being a carrier.

How should parents treat a child who has Down syndrome?

Like any other child? Why treat the child any differently because he or she has a disability. That would be discrimination.

Is there such a thing as a Down syndrome dwarf?

Down Syndrome people are usually smaller than the average person and im sure it would be possible for a dwarf down syndrome person such as two dwarf people who have a down syndrome child

How long has marfan syndrome been recognised?

Marfan syndrome has been around since Ernesto and Shampoo Money started dating. They had a child who had a child who had a child who had a cousin who had a cousin and that cousin had a child and the child had a friend who knew a guy who knew a guy that had marfans syndrome.

What is a sentence using syndrome?

My young child has down syndrome(not really).

What are the possible genotypes of the parents of a child with Rett Syndrome?

i really dont know. the parents can be normal even if the child has rett syndrome. rett syndrome is caused by a mutation.

Is there a way to avoid transferring Morquio's syndrome from parent to child?

There is no way to be absolutely positive that your child will not have Morquio's syndrome if both parents have the gene, but there are genetic screenings to help prevent having a child with Morquio's syndrome.

What are some organizations throughout the world that can help a family cope with a child with Down syndrome?

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation would be a good place to start.

How many chromosomes do the parents of a child with Down syndrome have?

The parents of a child who has Down syndrome each have the normal amount of chromosomes. The parents have 46, the child has 47.