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Screw with less threads areÊeasier to work with because theyÊsave time andÊrequireÊless turns. In addition,Êless force is needed when working with screws with less threads.

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What is easier more screw threads or less screw threads?

It is easier. The question is not complete enough to be answered. The word EASIER needs to be further defined. so the question should read: What is easier to [add information here]; more screw threads or less screw threads?

Is a screw with fewer or more threads per centimeter easier to drive into a piece of wood?

fewer yah fewer or less . from Alexandra sargent

Why square threads are used in a screw jack?

§ Screw threads have better compression strength than other threads. § Due to low thread angle there is no radial pressure on nut. § Due to smaller angle, the lead of screw is less.

Why threads are provided in simple screw jack Give reasons?

Threads are provided in a simple screw jack to allow the movement to be calculated to a certain distance or height and to allow for less effort in lift.

How is a screw related to an incline plane?

On a screw, the threads are basically inclined planes, but facing down to help guide the screw into the wood. Using the inclined plane on the threads increases the time it takes rather than a nail, but it takes less energy to do it.

How does a screw make work easier?

it makes it easier by doing less work for you also use a screw driver MISERABLE AT BEST♥

Drill bit size for lag screws?

1/16 less than the diameter of screw, or the same diameter as the barrel (the part inside the threads)

Why screw is more easy to use a nail?

It isn't easier, it has more holding power, less chance of loosening.

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As inertia changes in proportion to mass, the feather would definitely have less inertia, having the lower mass of the two. Less inertia = easier to get moving from a position of zero velocity, and easier to stop.

What are some benefits of using a screw?

Screws because of their threads can create a more stable grip on the item they are screwed in to in comparison to a nail for instance. A screw can be removed and replaced again without damage to the initail hole. Screws allow for the dismantle of an item and he reassembly whilst maintaing the security of the productThe benefits of a screw over a nail.A screw can be undone easily for dis-assemblyThe tension between components can be adjustedThere is less strain on the material, as opposed to using a hammer.

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Does a screw work better on a board than a nail?

In general, screws are stronger than nails of similar size. In other words, it is much easier to pull out a nail than a screw. Not all carpentry jobs require that degree of strength, however, so sometimes it is perfectly appropriate to use nails. I would have to know what you are building, to say if you should be using screws or nails. Nails, of course, are easier to install, and also less expensive, so for some jobs that are better.

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Describe a screw that would have a great ideal mechanical advantage than another one.?

that is a great question. a screw that has the rims, swerly things, father apart would have a lower machanical advantage because it takes less force to get them in. a screw with the rims closer together would have a higher IMA because it would be harder to get it out.i didnt explane it very well sorry it is hard to explane.

Why is it that a magnetised screwdriver can help to place screws in holes that are hard to reach?

The screw will stick to the screwdriver. There is also a tool known as a screw set, it claps on the top of the screw. These have more control of the screw. And you odds of losing the screw are less.

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