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No, a suction cup works by forcing air out of the space between it and the surface it's on. No air = no suction.


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A partial vacuum between the compressed suction cup and the flat surface.

Cut a potato, rub the juice on the suction cup. This really does work. I don't know why.

I don't see any reason why it wouldn't.... all particles have different densities. unless rubber isn't dense enough to block the impossible zero density of outer-space. 0 is abstract not concrete. I would probably just make my suction cup out of metal and use a dyson vacuum to power it. lol <><><><> NO! A suction cup is held in place by the air OUTSIDE the cup pushing it against the surface. No air in space. No air, no push, no workee.

I wouldn't want my last suction cup to slip, just as I reach the top of the window. The geckos have a very clever suction cup design of the soles of their feet.

When you stick a suction cup on a window you force the air out of the suction cup and you create a high pressure vaccume keeping the suction cup on the window.

A suction Cup will trap air behind itself which causes a partial vacuum. The negative pressure of trapped air or water causes it to keep in contact with the surface it is against.

In this procedure, the doctor uses a device called a vacuum extractor, placing a large rubber or plastic cup against the baby's head. A pump creates suction that gently pulls on the cup to ease the baby down the birth canal.

it is the cup that comes on a vacuum flask

I am looking for a suction cup that uses a motor/ actuator instead of a air compressor. Check out "VERIBOR lever suction cups", I could remove the lever from this and attach an actuator to it, but that would be a very dirty solution. Is there any suction cups on the market that only require linear motion, built to be attached to an actuator? Or is there perhaps a module containing a suction cup attached to a linear actuator?

I would guess injection molding. See the related link.

Flour as used with things like bread dough prevents the dough from sticking to the board it is being prepared on because it stops the moisture in the dough from making a seal with the surface it is on. Something along the lines of wetting suction cup to make it stick better. By putting dry flour under a suction cup the same would happen because no relative vacuum would be able to form.

The suction cup will lose its attachment, unless it has an additional adhesive. Suction cups attached to a surface are held there by the pressure of the outside air, which is higher than the pressure under the cup. The suction cup is trying to return to its uncompressed condition, and pulls away from the surface, reducing the pressure under it.

Because rough surfaces prevent the edges of the suction cup from creating a seal, which a suction cup needs to function.

if its just a small suction cup try some meths or kerosine and or dishwashing liquid or cooking oil!

Science, baby!!! Because when you push it agains the window, it pushes some of the air out along the edge. Then you release it returning the volume close to that of what is was originally and reducing the pressure in the suction cup. The greater pressure in the atmosphere pushes the suction cup to the window with enough force to make friction on the edges of the keep it from sliding around and to keep it against the window. Suction cups wont work in space because there's no atmosphere.

Suction cups stick best to wet surfaces.

You can improve suction it by moisturizing it's edges, this makes it stick to something longer and stronger.

A remora sports a suction cup on it's head. It will attach to sharks and feed off the algae that grows on their bodies.

The Garmin Nuvi 260 comes with a suction cup mount, power cable, dashboard disc for the suction cup and quick start manual.

Suction works on the principle of creating a vacuum seal in a pressurized atmosphere, something that doesn't exist in space as it's a total vacuum. Magnetic boots won't work either - virtually all spacecraft are built with Aluminum alloy and Titanium. I predict he'll be in charge of one of the NASA Field Centers within 20 years....

get a small pin and pit it right through the plunger. it will release the suction pressure =]

the purpose of it is the stick to things

maybe the rubber is worn out

Sharp teeth and suction cup mouth

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