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No. As they are both nonmetals carbon and bromine will form a covalent compound.

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Bromine (molecular Br2) is an covalent compound

The I ionic compound is: SrBr2 Source: I am taking Chem.

When calcium and bromine combine, they form the ionic compound calcium bromide, CaBr2.

Sodium bromide has an ionic bond.

no it forms a covalent compound

Carbon and Oxygen do not form an Ionic Compound

is carbon an tretaflouride ionic or covalent compound

The ionic compound for Iron is Fe3+ and the ionic compound for Bromine is Br-. So Fe3+ + Br- = FeBr3

Al(br)3 is an ionic compound

No. Carbon and bromine, both being nonmetals, will form a covalent bond.

Sodium Bromide - ionic compound - NaBr.

Carbon monoxide is a covalent compound.

No, it is not an ionic compound. It is made from carbon only and all these carbon atoms are covalently bonded.

NaBr is an ionic compound. Generally, a metal bonded with a nonmetal forms an ionic compound. Also, the difference in electronegativity between Na and Br is 2.03, which is definitely ionic.

Aluminum and bromine combine to form the ionic compound aluminum bromide (AlBr3).

The ionic compound potassium bromide, with formula KBr.

Carbon tetrachloride is a covalent compound.

no, it is a covalent compound.

This ionic compound,Na + sodiumandBr - brominefollows the naming rules for ionic compounds. The iderule, thus.Sodium bromide

What is the ionic compound is formed from aluminum and bromine? Show the ions that each form first.

Aluminum has a +3 charge. Bromine has a -1 charge. When combined the ionic compound AlBr3

Magnesium and bromine will form MgBr2, a.k.a. magnesium bromide

Lead bromine is not a compound, it is simply two elements mentioned one after another.

It is not ionic. It is a covalent compound.

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