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yes, it could turn gray .


Not every woman's hair turns gray as shes ages. Some do and some don't and it depends on many different factors.

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What color turns women on?

every woman has a particular turn on color.

What is the death rate for Indiana?

I have it on good authority (I would rather keep my source confidential) that every man woman and child that does not eventually leave Indiana will die there. Further to my co-respondent above I would like to point out that Indiana has an enlightened policy of freely allowing people to leave. This does not, however, guarantee you will not eventually die.

What color is the discharge if you have BV?

The discharge from BV can be a different color from woman to woman. There is not 1 specific color.

What is a nude bra?

In this case, nude is referring to the color of the bra. It would be close to the skin color of a woman with a medium complexion.

What is a married woman's most prized possession?

Every woman would be different, but if they have children it would be them.

What proportions of men and woman are colour blind?

1 out of every 100 people are color blind in the u.s. By: Elijah michiels

What color of shoes to wear with a khaki skirt for woman?

Depends on the top I would wear the same color shoes as the top or brown

What do you mean by 'The man in every woman and the woman in every man'?

Every man has a feminine side, however slight and every every woman a male side, however slight.

Can cows come into season every month?

Once every 21 days, not once a month like a woman would.

How do Irish women have babies?

The exact same was as every other woman

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As far as I know the answer would be ( Yes ) I have a friend who is color blind and neither his parents or brother and sister are color blind

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Yes, every woman has a period. If they can have children, they have periods. XD

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The duration of What Every Woman Learns is 3000.0 seconds.

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No , not every woman faces implantation bleeding .

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The duration of Once to Every Woman is 1.17 hours.

He who finds a woman finds A good thing?

Only if he finds a woman who is suitable. Not every woman is appropriate for every man.

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Every pregnant woman should gain the weight.

What makes you respect a woman?

If you are a man, seeing a woman not throw her self over every man she sees would make her respectful. Also if a woman has self control this makes her respectful.

What do you do if a Mexican is checking you out if you are an American woman?

Stop being a racist and let them be? Why would skin color matter in love?

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