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100-500 USD or so

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Q: Would like to know value of 1873 Springfield trapdoor 45-70 in very good condition but shows to have been reblued?
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Would buy an 1873 springfield trapdoor serial number 120779 any info would be great?

your trapdoor was manufactured in 1880

Dating a 1889 springfield arms breachload rifle?

you are probably referring to a trapdoor in 45/70 caliber. Value would depend on overall condition..........................

What is the history of a 1873 springfield trapdoor rifle serial number 157334?

your trapdoor was made in 1881. there is seldom any history unless obtained from owners family who would know much about the gun and owner.

What is the value of a 1873 springfield 45-70 serial no 15254L with bayonet worth?

I would be hard pressed to assign a value to your Springfield trapdoor rifle with out having you describe the overall condition of the rifle in question.Please describe the amount of original finish remaining,the condition of the stock,and bore.I will also need to know if the stock has the correct cartouches stamped on it,and the amount of blueing left on the metal of your rifle.With this info I would be able to asses a correct value to your rifle.

What is the value of an 1863 Springfield rifle with an 1870 conversion in fair to good condition including the bayonet?

you probably have a civil war percussion rifle that was converted to (trapdoor) 50/70 center fire cartridges. value would depend on condition - wood, metal, bore...........any rust, pitts, etc, etc, etc

What is the age of Springfield Model 1884 Trapdoor serial 509774?

I would say the year of Manufacture is about 1890 or 91 I have an 1884 Ser.#54689 It was made in June of 1892

Where would you find a trapdoor?

in a basement

What is the value Winchester 1894 1950?

Well it depends on the condition, if it is a long gun or a carbine , or has the saddle ring on the left side. which would be the most valuble. if the rifle is not reblued or the stocks redone and is about 95% condition some collector might pay as high as $800.

What is the value of a springfield 20 gauge pump model 67?

The value of a Springfield 20 gauge pump shotgun would actually depend on a number of factors. Some of these factors would be the age and the condition of the shotgun.

What is the value of a Springfield Arms model 1873 rifle?

think if someone asked you what is my 'ford' worth?? You would ask a number of questions...... In your case is it a rifle or carbine ? what is the condition of metal, wood, bore. what is serial number. Is it a 50/70 cal (early conversion) or 45/70 later the trapdoor can bring anywhere from $400 to $1500, depending...

What would be the value of a Springfield 6 magazine bolt action 22 rifle be?

Roughly $100, depending on condition.

How much is a Colt single-action army 38 special 5 inch matching serial numbers 167652 black hard rubber grips in very good condition I cannot tell if it has been reblued?

value would depend on overall condition. a picture might show that.............