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Q: Would reducing mass increase acceleration
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For a given value of net force what would increase acceleration for a system?

It will increase mass.

What steps do car designers take to increase the acceleration of cars they design?

A vehicles acceleration is dictated by mass, power, and traction. Reducing the first and increasing the last two will positively affect an automobiles acceleration.

What numbers would you have to have for mass and force to keep the greatest acceleration?

To maintain acceleration, both mass and force must remain unchanged. Decreasing mass and/or increasing force will increase acceleration.

What will increase a wheelbarrow's acceleration?

the mass will increase

What happens to the acceleration as you increase the mass?

As per Newton's first law of motion, if the applied force remains the same, an increase in mass will result in a decrease in acceleration. In contrast, if the acceleration were to remain the same when the mass increases, there must be a greater force applied.

How can you increase acceleration in reference to mass and force?

By looking at the equation F=ma we have two ways to increase acceleration. If we keep the mass constant and increase the force applied then the acceleration of the object will increase. If we keep the force constant and use a smaller mass then the mass will experience a greater acceleration than a greater mass.

What happens to the acceleration as you decreases the mass?

By F = ma, if the force remains constant, and the mass decreases, this would mean that the acceleration has increased by exactly the same factor as the decrease in mass. That is, if the mass of a substance was halved, its acceleration would have doubled exactly.

What increases as force increases?

F=ma, or force equals the product of mass and acceleration. Assuming that the mass of the object does not change, then acceleration increases as force increases.

If mass increases and there is no friction would the acceleration of an object increase when place on an incline plane?

Yes. The acceleration is directly proportional to the objects mass.For objects with constant mass however, the acceleration will remain constant.

What happens to acceleration if you increase the mass of an object?

It depends on what the acceleration is due to. In the case of a falling object the acceleration is due to gravitational pull and remains the same regardless of the mass. In the case of a projectile being propelled by an explosive and increase in mass would mean a decrease in velocity given the amount of propellant remains static.

If you increase the mass on an object what does its acceleration do?

It will need more force to achieve the same acceleration

What can you do to accelerate an object faster if you can not increase the force?

Force is mass x acceleration so in order to increase the acceleration without increasing the force, you must decrease the mass.