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No, the earth would not have soap if plants did not exist. I believe this because soap plants (of the genus Chlorogalum) are essential to our making of soap. We use these plants to make all kinds of soap, by using the sap of these plants. However because this does not complete the question, I will explain further. Plants are the only way that the compound 'saponin' exists. Saponin forms the bubbly lather.

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What effect does soap in water have on plants?

Soap in water would have a negative effect on plants. This is because the soap contains chemicals that would shut down the plants cells organelles.

Can soap pollute the earth?

no A Different Answer Yes. Detergents in streams is already a problem. Soap can kill fish, amphibians and plants.

Would dish soap kill cactus plants?


Does soap kill plants?

Yes,because soap has a chemical,and chemicals kill plants.

What things are made from plants?

medicine soap medicine soap medicine soap

Where is Erinsborough in Australia?

Erinsborough does not exist. It is the name of the fictitious suburb in which Australia's long-running soap opera "Neighbours" is set. If it did exist, it would be in Melbourne.

Is naptha in fels naptha laundry soap?

Naptha exist in Fels Naptha laundry soap.

Soap water on plants?

Big NO!

What effect does soap water has on plants?


How do you get rid of aphids on tomato plants?

get ladybugs or spray the plants with a mild soap

Is it good to use soap with water to water plants?


Is there any client API for eXist db?

Try Xpath or SOAP.

Can plants grow in dishwasher soap?

No. Dish soap can be used to kill off some common pests such as aphids, but large amounts or failing to wash it off can chemically burn the leaves. I cant imagine what the roots would do! I expect a plant growing in dish soap would die in a day or two. Actually, I did a science project that included using dish soap on plants instead of water and the plant turned out very good. It's true that the soap protected the plant from aphids, but I had it growing, (mind you this was a baby plant), for a whole week and it did not die.

Does dish soap affect plants?

it will probrebly kill the plant

Does soap water affect plant growth?

Soap water would have a negative affect on the plant and would probably cause it to die or not sprout because the chemicals in these soaps are harmful to plants, these chemicals are used to kill bacteria and most of these bacteria help in the bulding up of nitrates in the soil, without thes nitrates the plants may die

Is soap man made?

Soap is man made although there are plants and oils that have been used in place of soap in the past. Most soap made today has a base of lye with other ingredients added in.

What would happen if you mix soap with vinegar?

The Soap would mix with the vinegar and there would bubbles on top!

Can you freeze liquid soap and what would happen if you tried heating liquid soap?

You can freeze liquid soap, but it won't turn into a soap bar. Later, it will melt. If you boiled soap, it would probably boil and bubble, and get very hot!

How does detergent affect the growth of plants?

yes, i did a science project on it, and plants can grow perfectly fine with an 100% natural organic soap. but it can't grow with a regular soap like Dawn classic.

What is the pH balance of soap?

Soap is a base, exact pH would be different depending on the soap.

Will soap kill plants?

It depends. If the soap is natural, it is fine, such as ivory liquid soap, or other soaps without perfume or fragrance. Detergent however, will kill it. That's because detergent has chemicals that can kill plants. Also, alcohol will kill a plant, so avoid that.

Explain the difference between the production of liquid soap and solid soap?

To make a solid soap, you would use sodium hydroxide. To make liquid soap, you would use potassium hydroxide.

What is the Kannada word for 'soap'?

In Kannada, we would call Saboonu.

What is the solvent and the solutes of soap?

the slovent and solutes of is is well the soluvent would be soap and the solute would be water

What is the pH of dish soap?

The pH of dish soap would be a base, but depending on the type of soap one is using, the actual pH number would differ.

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