Would you detect energy if you played pinball?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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yes, lots of energy

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Q: Would you detect energy if you played pinball?
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Would you expect to detect electrical energy if you played a pinball game machine?

Bruh I don’t know

You can detect energy only by the effect it has on matter?

You are made from matter, and therefore would not be able to detect energy without it having an effect on you. Energy is defined as the capacity for doing work. Without work ever being done on matter, and without energy ever being defined this way, energy would not be detected.

How do you fix a time warp pinball machine?

i would just go get a new pinball machine there is no resion to set the time

When an object reflects light does it gain or lose energy?

That would depend on whether the object was active or passive. A passive reflector would gain some energy from the photons during the collision / interaction. An active reflector would first gain some energy then lose more as it pumps energy into the photons, boosting them. Although, at present, I can't think of an example of an active reflector of light, an example concept would be the flipper in a pinball game.

How do you use the flippers in pinball?

It would be really hard to make pinball flippers unless you have a machine shop and you can mold plastic, and if you can you wouldn't be asking here. If you need pinball flippers just buy them online from sites like HAPP or bayareaamusements.

I have a vintage williams , hit and run baseball pinball machine and was wondering if anyone would know what the value would be. ?

The value of your pinball machine should be around $1400 depending on condition and other factors.

What happened to pinball?

People of the early 80's moved away from the pinball tables and moved to the flasher new arcade machines instead. The pinball manufactures tried to combat this by making video pinball hybrids like 'Ms Pac Man' where the pinball table was inside an arcade cabinet along side the traditional Pac Man game. But when home entertainment in the mid 80's came along people moved away from the arcades so the pinball manufactures had no choice but to move away from the hybrids and make the traditional pinball table for the pinball loyalest. During the 90's the pinball popularly kept on dropping and manufacturers started going bankrupt including, in 1996, the formally big company Gottlieb that has been selling pinball since 1927. Two other big company's merged becoming Bally/Williams to keep alive during this period. In 1999 Bally/Williams created a table so revolutionary they calmed it would save pinball, it was named 'Pinball 2000' and it included a holographic display on the playfield. However only two tables got made, and where profitable, before Bally/Williams ceased production of pinball too concentrate on the more profitable slot machines. The last pinball company, Sega Pinball, went bankrupt after Sega's failed Dreamcast in late 1999. Determined not to let pinball die Gary Stern brought out Sega Pinball and named it Stern Pinball and now remains the only pinball manufacturer and with no completion they are returning a profit.

What would a chemoreceptor allow you to do?

detect smell

Where are some of the places that one can play Pin Ball in a browser?

There are a couple of websites where someone can play Pinball in a browser. The best place to check out would have to be the website called The Pinball Zone.

Why is it called pinball?

Originally, pinball machines didn't have flippers (the things at the bottom of the machine that hit the ball). Instead, you would launch a ball into a playfield full of pins and hope for it to land in a hole (like plinko). These pins made the game called "Pinball".The earliest pinball machines were a wooden playfeild with multiple holes and pins in the board. A ball was dropped at one end and it would bounce on the pins and hopefully fall in the higher scoring holes. This was before electronics, bumpers and flippers.

What is a sentence for detect?

Example sentence - I would like to know how to detect when a person is lying.

Can biosensors detect non-pathogens?

Biosensors can be made to detect almost anything. You could design a biosensor to detect a non-pathogenic bacteria but there would be few people who would want to buy it.