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No. Seeds are usually underground when they germinate, no light needed.

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Q: Would you expect most seeds to need sunlight in order to germinate?
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What are facts needed in order for the seeds to germinate sunlight?

Even if it had sunlight it wouldn't need it, because the seed is already under the soil where sunlight can't penetrate. It also doesn't need soil because the seed already has it's own food packed inside until it germinates. The seeds only need warmth, water, and air to germinate.

Why seeds do not germinate in packet?

seeds need some conditions to germinate which they do not get inside a sealed packet. the conditions are : air, moisture, warmth. in other words it needs water, air and favourable temperature to germinate.

Why doesn't a seed need sunlight to germinate?

Seeds need sunlight for germination because without sunlight the seed will never Germinate ever so seeds need sunlight not only sunlight it also need water and flower foods Save answered by ridzz my nik name okk thank u for visiting

Do sunflower seeds germinate?

In order to germinate sunflower seeds hull them. This will cause them to germinate more quickly. Put the seeds in a jar with water and they will germinate.

Why do seeds need sunlight to germinate?

The process by which a parent plant produces a baby plant or seedling is called germination. Seeds need germination because then there will be less plants in the world, like humans do seeds also need germination.

What is needed for a plant to germinate?

The Answer: A plant needs water in order to spread its type. A seed also needs air and a growing medium such as soil in order to germinate.

What Australian plants require their seeds to be heated in order to germinate?

Banksia seeds require fire to germinate, while many species of acacia (wattle tree) also need heat in order to germinate. Flannel flower seeds also benefit from bushfires, while Boronia requires smoke to germinate.

What three things are needed for germination?

Conditions necessary for germination of seed: 1: Suitable temperature range 2: Oxygen 3: Water

Which adaptation would be seen in plants in this biome?

They have to have sunlight and water in order to live in temperate biomes...

Why can a sunlight form a rainbow?

The sunlight has to be refracted by water drops in order for the sunlight to form a rainbow.

What does the fire do to assist the trees to reproduce?

It forces the seeds (such as pinecones) to open so they will be allowed to germinate. The heat activates them to open because the seed thinks it is warm enough to let the seeds germinate. And let the plant reproduce.

Are heat and sunlight synonyms?

If your soup is not warming fast enough, would you say "I have to turn up the sunlight on that burner"? Would you say that heat is responsible for the processes in plants that are controlled by chlorophyll? Would you say that your pipes would freeze if your home sunlight system is out of order, or that heat is the visible part of the EMR spectrum? There is some overlap in meanings, but the words do not mean the same thing, and it's hard to find a context in when they do.