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If you file a claim with your insurance company for your own damage (if you have collision insurance) yes...probably.

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Q: Would your insurance premium go up if you rear-end someone and your own damage is a few thousand but there is none on others?
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If you rearend someone when the roads are wet who does not have a license or insurance who is at fault?

If you rearend someone, regardless of road conditions or the other drivers disposition on a drivers lic or insurance, you are still responsible. Not having a license or insurance is a civil matter, not involving insurance company.

Is there an age limit to purchasing single premium life insurance?

no clue ask someone else for a change

Will your premiums increase with no-fault insurance if someone hits you when your car is parked?

The insurance company has no reason to raise your premium, the situation was completely out of your hands.

What will happen if you rearend someone with no insurance no damage done it was at 20mph no calling the police or their insurance they decide to see how they feel in a few days can they file claim?

Yes, they can. The fact that they have no insurance and the Police were not called has no bearing. If they do decide to claim for any injuries, your insurance company will scrutinize it, but not necessarily deny it.

What would make a mortgage insurance premium increase?

There are many things that would make a mortgage insurance premium increase. Mortgage insurance is used when someone dies and pays money so that the mortgage will be paid. Smoking or participating in dangerous activities will increase the premiums.

Where can someone get a premium life insurance policy?

The places to get a premium life insurance policy are many. Among some of the more popular choices are: LV, Post Office, Sun Life, Aviva, Scottish Widows and many more.

How do you find if someone has insurance on you?

This is a difficult thing to do, if you think someone has 'covertly' got life insurance on you, contact the companies you think they would have made contact with. Snoop around look for a policy or in the check register for premium payments?

What if you use someone else medical insurance card at the er and was admitting in the hosptial?

When using someone elses card, if you are not listed on the policy and no premium is being collected for you, then you will not have coverage.

Does your premium go up if someone without insurance had permission to drive your car and gets into an accident that was their fault in NJ?

Generally speaking, if your insurance has to pay out, then there probably will be an increase. Good luck.

Where can someone get information on companies that offer single premium life insurance?

There are a great many companies that offer single premium life insurance policies. Companies such as LIC India, State Farm and New York Life all offer such products. More information about the types of products can be viewed there, but investment sites and consultants also provide information on single premium life insurance policies as it is considered to be an investment product as well.

Can a contractor force their subcontractor to raise their car insurance premium?

I think you mean can a general contracto force their subcontractor to raise their car insurance coverage limits. Some people choose to buy insurance with very low limits which do not provide a lot of protection. If you work for someone like a general contractor they can require you have a certain level of insurance. The reason they might do this is because they may have insurance that starts at a certain dollar limit. For example You buy insurance which covers damage cause if you car hits someone up to $25,000. The contractor may have insurance that starts at $50,000. This means that you would need insurance that covers up to $50,000 and the the contractors insurance would start paying after $50,000. Premium is the money you pay to purchase a policy. If you increase your coverage limits from say $25,000 to $50,000 it will of course increase your premium cost.

Does your insurance premium go up because someone hit your parked car with a pedal bike?

Rather than turn in a claim to your auto insurance, why not just go after the owner of the bicycle? Let their homeowners insurance cover the loss then you don't even have to worry about your auto insurance rates.

Do you have to take driving classes when your 18 to get your license in Ohio?

No driving classes are not required in Ohio, if you 18+, but your insurance premium will be higher than someone who took the course.

Can someone who drives with no insurance drive with someone who has insurance?


Does insurance cover damage caused by yourself?

depends on the damage you caused and the intent...all policys (far as i know) have an exclusion for 'an intentional act' that is different than you causing the damage, you cause the damage when you rearend someone but that is covered...see? what is the damage and how did you cause it?

Where online can someone compare car insurance quotes?

Before buying car insurance online you can compare car insurance from top companies through the web aggregates like Before you choosing car insurance policy you can check Premium, IDV, Cashless facility and Web aggregator is IRDA Approved or not. one of my colleague had bought new car. He has taken policy from HDFC Ergo with less premium. He said they clearly explained to me about all facilities.

What do you do when someone hit you and you have no insurance?

get insurance

Understanding The Insurance Cost Of Your Premium?

Your insurance premium is going to consist of a lot of different factors. Whether it is for car insurance, home insurance, health insurance or anything else, there are ways to reduce your premium by making a few changes. Knowing how to reduce the premium or at least why your premium is what it is will help you find the best rates. Car insurance is comprised of the kind of car that you want insured, the city that you live in, your age and your driving record. While you can't do anything about most of those things, you can still control some of the rates. The higher the deductible, the lower your monthly payments will be. In addition, if there are any other cars in your home, ensure they are covered with the same company so that you can get a multi-car discount. Health insurance can provide a lot of options for adjusting the insurance cost. You can opt for HMO, PPO or an HSA. Each of these will vary in price, so if you don't like the premium that you are quoted for one, try another to see if this will lower the price, too. When you are looking for life insurance, you can get whole or term life insurance. Term life is always going to be the cheapest option. You have the ability to adjust the length of the term as well as the total benefit amount to find a happy medium on the price. You do want to ensure that you have the best term, though, otherwise it could all be for nothing. Home insurance is another type of insurance that you could get and the insurance cost can be very dramatic. If you have a security system, you can lower your premium simply because the chance of someone breaking in is minimized. Other improvements such as a new roof and other items can also lower your premium because you are reducing the chances of something happening to your home. Whenever you are getting an insurance premium quote, you want to get quotes from multiple companies. The reason for this is that some companies put a higher emphasis on one category over another. Once you understand what makes your premium cost what it does, it is a lot easier to make adjustments so that it becomes cheaper. You can always ask the insurance company how to lower it, too, so you can afford it easier.

Where can someone find cheap taxi insurance?

Disclosing if one has had a company car before to the tax insurance company can help with the premium, working for executives or being a chauffeur is generally a lot less expensive for taxi insurance, some give a discount when owning a home as well as being married.

How much does insurance cost for someone with only an instruction permit?

That will depend on the rules of the company that is insuring the car that you are driving. Some companies do not charge any extra premium until you get your regular drivers license while others would add significant premium to the policy.

Can you get a premium Minecraft account from someone?


When you are purchasing insurance what are you doing?

You are prepaying for future expenses. In a year when you don't get sick (using the example of health insurance) your premiums help the company pay someone else's claim. In a year when you have your own emergency, other people's premium float your claim.

Can someone go and buy insurance from another agency immediately after an accident to avoid the increase in the insurance premium?

Many people do this, but it is not recommended. It is still considered an attempt to defraud. I recommend that you use this situation to check around for cheaper insurance with the new accident as a part of your quote. Some insurance agents will pull your record and not see it, and not include it in the quote, you may fly under the radar for that first year, and enjoy a lower premium, but let that be something that they do. Just be careful with disclosure laws, many insurance companies deny claims when people leave things out.

Can anyone but the insured of a life insurance policy change the beneficary on a life insurance policy?

Yes, the policy owner can change the beneficiary. Sometimes, the person insured and the policy owner are not the same person, if someone else pays the premium for the insurance policy. For example, a parent or guardian taking an insurance policy on spouse or children. Some insurance policies are assigned to cover bank loans, and even if the insured may pay the premium, the bank can be assigned as the owner of the policy; in that case the bank decides who the beneficiary is going to be (usually in this scenario, the bank will also be the beneficiary).

Where can someone get a quote for building insurance?

Someone can get a quote for building insurance from a number of insurance companies such as Allstate Insurance. Allstate Insurance provides a number of insurance products for both consumers and businesses.