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mans a don doe

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Q: Write down the importance of production function in business administration?
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What is the function of farm management?


Importance of ict in business?

Importance of using ict in buisness is that improves the buisness complexity and function as well as reduce work production and lastly help organize a buisness.

How important production function to people to the bushiness world?

The production function is very important to the people in the business world. This is because all forms of business rely on production in one way or another.

What is the Function of a farm manager?


What are the different functions of production and operation management POM within the business organization?

production and operation management function

The size and the importance of the finance function in a business firm depends primarily on what?

size of the firm

Does a police station have a production and operation function?

Not that as that phrase is commonly understood or referred to in the business world.

What is the production function and types of production function?

production function is relation between firm's production and material factors of production

Distinguish between production and operation management?

Production management is an organized function within a business that deals with planning, forecasting and production or marketing of a product at all stages of its lifestyle. Operation management is concerned with overseeing, designing and controlling production and business operations during the production of goods or services.

What are the five business function?

5 Business Functions are: Fiance and Accounts Sales and Marketing HRA Purchase & Inventory Management, Production / Service & Despatch

What is short run production function?

if at-least one factor of production is constant, production function is infact short-run production function

What are the production function of Mc Donalds?

what is mcdonalds production function