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The Great Depression lasted from 1929-1939.

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Q: Years of the great depression
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Related questions

What years approximently did the Great Depression take place?

The Great Depression lasted from 1929-1939.

What years approxomitaly did the Great Depression take place in the us?

The Great Depression lasted from 1929-1939.

Will you be in a Great Depression?

No? Because I Was Years Ago!

What years did the Great Depression span?

It depends on your point of view of the Great Depression. Wikipedia has it The Great Depression end at the start of WW2 so from 29-39, but my history textbook says from 29-34.

Was the great depression the only depression to affect the US?

Once we finish this "recession" we will be calling the last few years the "Greater Depression".

How did the Great Depression affect the lives of urban and rural Americans?

The Great depression effected Urban and rural communities because the prices got raised, unemployment, droughts and high taxes. Most countries in the world got effected by The Great Depression, but Japan Did not get effected strongly. The Great Depression lasted about ten years. My Grandpa was in the great depression, and yours too! (Unless your Grandpa is thirty-years old!)

How many banks went under during the Great Depression?

In the 10 years of the Great Depression 9,000 banks went under JUST in US.

What is the popular sport during the Great Depression time?

In the United States, Baseball was the most popular sport in the years of the great depression (1929-194?).

What were the effects of the Great Depression after World War 1?

The great depression wasn't until 1929 and lasted years, closer to World War 2. World War I and the great depression weren't directly related to one another.

How long was the Great Depression?

10 years 1929-1939

How long ago was the great depression?

81 years ago

During what years did The Great Depression last?


How long did the the Great Depression last?

The Great Depression lasted roughly ten years. It began with the stock market crash in October 1929 and ended in 1939.

What happened in the first five years of the great depression?

The first five years of the Great Depression were marked by several attempts to improve the situation. In the US, the government implemented several programs to assist in economic recovery.

Who was the governor in the Great Depression?

There were 48 states in the Great Depression era, and each one had a governor. Since the Depression lasted a long time, many states had more than one governor over the years.

Why did Great Depression lasted ten years?

The government tried to relieve the Great Depression with economic recovery programs, but it did not end until WWII started and manufacturing increased.

Do the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl have any connection?

The Dust Bowl happened during the years of the Great Depression, and the constant dust storms ruined the crops of many Midwestern and Southern farmers during those years, making it even harder for those farmers to make any money to ease the pain of the Great Depression.

How many years did the great depression effect the US?

1929 to 1941

How long did the Great Depression last?

from 1929 to 1941= 12 years

What year did the Great Deprssion start?

The Great Depression started in 1929 and lasted 10 years to 1939 .

What effect did automation have on the Great Depression?

What did the Great Depression effect? What was the effect of the Great Depression?

How many days did it take to recover from the great depression?

About 3650 (ten years)

How many years did the great depression last?

Late 1930s or early 1940s

What is the historical significance of The Great Depression?

what is the significance of the great depression what is the significance of the great depression

How did the Baby Boom help the Great Depression?

The period generally known as the Baby Boom occurred after World War II. The Great Depression occurred many years earlier. The two are unrelated.