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You can order a new one online at your states licensing website or call the toll free number for your states licensing department of Cosmetology and request that they send you a duplicate. They cost about $15 for a duplicate.

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Q: You Lost cosmetology license How can you get it?
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The fine for practicing without a license for cosmetology?

the fine for practicing cosmetology without a license is a maximm is $200.00

How do you change from California state cosmetology license to Ohio cosmetology license?

Typically you need to show proof of your cosmetology school hours which you can obtain from your state board of cosmetology or the cosmetology school from which you graduated. You will also need a copy of your Ohio state cosmetology license. You will need to bring this documentation along with the reciprocity application and appropriate fees to the North Carolina state board of cosmetology to have them transfer your license. North Carolina recognizes cosmetology licenses from other states so as long as you have a current license from Ohio, have passed a state board approved or national cosmetology exam, and have no disciplinary actions taken against your Ohio cosmetology license.

How do you change cosmetology license from California to Nevada?

How do you transfer a California state cosmetology license to las Vegas Nevada

How do you transfer your cosmetology license from Florida to Idaho?

Contact the Idaho Board of Cosmetology

How do you get a Indiana cosmetology license if you already hold a cosmetology license in Illinois?

If it is your license then you can just contact your state board. If it is someone elses license and they are abusing their rights as a cosmetologist then you can report them to the state board. If they feel that you are right they can take their license away.

How can i get a cosmetology license?

You start out by enrolling in a cosmetology school, and then it depends on how many hours your state requires to graduate.

Do you need cosmetology license to shampoo hair in salon?

Yes, or a shampoo license, which is like an apprentice license

What Type of license is needed to give facials?


How do you transfer your cosmetology license from Colorado to Oklahoma?

call or e-mail the oklakoma state board and they will send you a form fill it out and send it with a certified copy of you license from Colorado and a check for whatever Oklahoma charges and you are set

What is a manicurist license?

A type of Cosmetology license (which requires going to a cosmetology school and completing the requirements of the State you are located in) that allows a person to work on nails (hands or feet).

What does a cosmetology license cover in compliance with the occupational safety and health administration?

A cosmetology licence is a license issued by your State and permits you to practice the profession of cosmetology. Having a cosmetology license has nothing to do with OSHA compliance. If you operate a cosmetology shop and employ people other than yourself, then you have an obligation to comply with the relevant OSHA regulations, or the state equivalent if your state runs its own occupational safety and health program. If you are an employee of a business, then you have an obligation to comply with the applicable OSHA regulations and the related policies of your employer. That is the case whether or not you hold a cosmetology license.

How long do you have to go to school to get your cosmologist license?

A Cosmologist is sky science, you may be referring to Cosmetology. This site will have your State and the license requirements for cosmetology:*