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yes, castor oil on scrambled eggs will help to induce labor. (I know because my Mom was overdue & she tried it and it worked !!! )

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Castor oil is said to help induce labor. It's a laxative, so it helps to stimulate the digestive system and bowels, which can supposedly help labor.

While castor oil can technically induce labor, it isn't recommended. Castor oil can cause dehydration and other unpleasant side effects, such as nausea and vomiting.

You should not try to induce labor on your own before 40 weeks or without the assistance of a trained professional. Castor oil will not really induce labor- that's an old wives tale. It will however act as a laxative

Castor oil is a laxative and can cause cramping that can induce labor. Castor oil is not advised to be used by pregnant women.

No, it just gives you cramps and diarrhoea

Castor oil is very commonly used to induce the labor pains in post dated pregnancy. Castor oil stimulates the peristalsis and stimulates the uterus. It is a common experience to see the patient coming with labor pains very next day.

Castor oil generally doesn't work. It often just gives you diarrohea

Well, it may have other effects instead, since it will make your stools looser. There is not really evidence that castor oil will induce labor, unless coincidentally, the baby is ready to come.

Probably not, but using caster oil does not work, it is a wives tale.

Yes. Castor oil should be taken as per advice of your doctor.

A doctor will never tell you to drink Castor Oil. There are no studies that show Castor Oil will induce labor or help your baby flip from the breech position.

Castor oil is a laxative not used to induct labor. As the labor progresses and contraction becomes strong cervical dilatation will increase.

You can take castor oil to induce labor, rather than mineral oil, and it's important to verify any medication you might take with your doctor, rather than with the Internet.

It MAY induce your labor.. old wives tale. I have never heard of anyone that it actually worked on but it WILL give you severe diarrhea! I would not try this one. Walking is the best thing to speed up your labor.

It is quite safe, but rather unpleasant and does not actually help induce labor, it just gives you griping and diarrhoea.

what can you tell a doctor to make him induce your labor

There are accupressure points to induce labor.

Homeopathy is the treatment of medical conditions with potentised substance. To induce labor try taking a spoonful of castor oil. Who's to say it is scientifically proven, but I believe this age old wise tale actually works. A best friend of mine wanted to induce labor and upon hearing this tried it later that night. Within hours she started having contractions. Her baby was born the following day. WRT to castor oil: castor oil is a natural medication. It is not homeopathy.

I cant speak from personal experience, but my grandmother tried castor oil to try and induce herself. All she did was make herself sick. It had no effect on her progression.

Sex. Yes, it has been shown that sex has helped induce womans labour. It's not sex itself that helps you go into labor. It's orgasims. With my 2nd child what made me go into labor right away was having my membranes stripped from my Doctor.

You don't! This is something that women used to do decades ago, but it can actually be harmful to the baby, and it doesn't work. If your doctor feels you are too far past your due date, he will either induce your labor, or he will do a C section. Please, don't try to self induce your labor on your own.

There are no guarantees it works, you are just lucky if it does. It's not the castor oil starting the contractions, it's the diarrhea and cramps it causes with a irritated belly that does it. So you can very well end up with diarrhea and nothing else or going into labor and have diarrhea at the same time.

Drinking vinegar to induce labor is an old wives tale and will not work. It is not recommended to try to induce labor by any methods.

Vegetable oil can't induce labor.

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