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You are 5 weeks pregnant you have no symptoms should you worry?

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βˆ™ 2008-07-18 15:53:57

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No, not every woman experiences pregnancy symptoms.

2008-07-18 15:53:57
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Im 11 weeks pregnant and have no symptoms?

As long as you know you are pregnant, then I wouldn't worry. Just consider yourself lucky!

I am ten weeks pregnant with no symptoms should i worry?

I am now 25 weeks pregnant, I have never had any symptoms (morning sicknes, swelling, nausea) I just started to feel the baby kick and move around, other than that I couldn't even say I felt any different

You are 12 weeks pregnant and your breasts have stopped being sore should you worry?


Is it normal to have no symptoms at 3 weeks pregnant?

Of course! Most women don't experience anything until at least 6 weeks! My symptoms never usually hit till week 6 or so.. I am pregnant with my fourth.... don't worry they will hit in a few weeks..... enjoy the break.

Red blood spotting at 13 weeks pregnant but only after sex should i worry?

You don't have to worry about spotting. You should worry about a heavy flow. You should also talk to your doctor.

You are 30 weeks pregnant and feel like you have the flu is this something you should worry about or not?

There is nothing to worry about it is regulsr morning sickness

You are 8 weeks pregnant and am having very watery discharge should you worry?

When you talk to your doctor/nurse/hospital/etc. tonighton the phone, they can tell you if you should worry.

9 weeks pregnant lost all symptoms?

Go and see your doctor or midwife as soon as possible, but it's unlikely to be something you need to worry about

I am pregnant but i dont have and eating craving is that normal?

You are fine. Dont worry some people dont have any symptoms at all. I have all the symptoms and im 9 weeks so you are lucky lol so relax.

You have flu like symptoms but your period is not due for 2 weeks Could you be pregnant you had your last period on November 2nd and it is November 15th But you had sex on October 30th?

Flu symptoms does not mean you are pregnant. If you had a period after October 30th, you are more than likely not pregnant. I would not worry about this unless you miss a period.

4 weeks pregnant and stared bleeding and cramping should you worry?

Yes. Go to your doctor right away or go to the ER.

I am 17 weeks pregnant and have felt no fetal movement should I be worried?

No, there is no reason to worry yet. You don't normally start to feel movements until 16-22 weeks.

What pains should you worry about when being pregnant?

Dont worry just relax

Should you be worried if you are 7 weeks pregnant and the ultrasound showed no heartbeat and no fetus but they say you are pregnant?

If they say you are still pregnant then you probably are. Seven weeks into the pregnancy is nothing. You have to take into consideration that they are going by your last menstural period when you could not have been pregnant so in actuality they are adding on a few weeks. Don't worry about it and try not to be stressed because stress is horrible for your unborn fetus.

You just found out that you're about 5 weeks pregnant and at first the symptoms seemed strong such as breast tenderness but now they seem to be fading Is that a bad sign?

No. Your body adjusts to the changes being made. I wouldn't worry.

If you are 20 weeks pregnant why would your uterus measurement come out to 22 weeks Should you be worried?

no it just means the baby is big--if you are diabetic, you are more likely to have a big baby. don't worry Joymaker rn

7 weeks pregnant and the babies heart beat is 80 is that normal or should you worry?

the baby's heartbeat is too low, you should go to the doctor and have them check it. The normal heartbeat for a baby at 8 weeks is 90-110 beats per minute.

Negative test but no period with all symptoms of being pregnant is something wrong?

You need to go to the doctor if you're more than a couple weeks late and no period. Not to worry you just to make sure everything is ok.

How early can you have pregnancy symptoms in your cycle?

You can start to get symptoms as soon as the egg implants usually 8-10 dpo, but don't worry if you don't some people don't get symptoms for several weeks.

18 weeks pregnant but ultrasound unable to detect baby?

its not bad dnt worry but its just to early

I am 23 weeks pregnant and my stomach is not hard should i be worried?

no don't be worried, im 23weeks pregnant and i only get a hard firm belly when the baby is led in that position to feel her, i wouldn't let it worry you, it doesnt worry me anymore. i asked my midwife about it and she said its fine, hope i helped you xx

What should you do if my 12 year old son becomes pregnant?

It isn't something you should worry about. Males cannot become pregnant.

Should you be worried that 5 weeks may be 6 pregnant and had scan with nurse saying no fetal pole?

Don't worry yet. Within the next week (if your dates are correct) you should see a fetal pole.

You are nearly twelve weeks pregnant and have been having brown spotting since about 6 weeks is this anything to worry about?

Brown blood is old blood so its probably not anything to worry about but call your doctor just incase.

I feel sick but don't know if I am pregnant?

dont worry im about 4 weeks take a pregnancy test