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if your on your period then its just a normal thing but if your not then you need to go to the doctor

2007-06-21 16:08:13
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What does it mean when you have heavy bleeding cramping and expelling blood clots?

If these are discharges from your vagina, go to an hospital emergency room,. You may be having a miscarriage.

What is that black stuff coming out of your vagina on your period?

it might be blood clots but if its not go to your doctor im not sure if its serious i have it too ur welcome.

Is it safe when brown discharge comes from your virgina when you pregnant?

It depends on what stage you are in during your pregnancy. If it's only a small amount , there are no clots, There is no cramping, and it isn't bright red you should be ok. If it continues , you become worried about it, or you experience a lot of bleeding,bright red bleeding, clots, cramping, fowl smelling discharge or a gush of liquid from your vagina contact your dr or go to the ER immediately.

What does it mean if you have bright red clots and brown coming out your vagina?

It likely means that you're menstruating, although obviously it may be bleeding for some other reason depending on your cycle. The red 'clots' are likely uterine lining, and brown is the blood that's light so taken time to leave your vagina thus turned brown.

I have been having bad cramping and bleeding a lot and blood clots are coming out but how can i tell if i miscarried my baby I'm almost 8 weeks?

go to your doctor or call your midwife its always good to check with a professional,

What does it mean when you have large clumps of blood coming out of your vagina while you are on your period?

I think I read somewhere that blood clots during your period are normal. I have them all the time. If they are bothersome you could take bcp to help.

Can implantation bleeding have cramps and clots?

Yes, it is not uncomman for a female to bleed some and have some cramping after the fertilized ova is implanted into the uterus

What are the signs of a early miscarriage?

Everybody is diffrent my friend had clots and very heavy bleeding and cramping at about 11 weeks but the baby was fine and healthy on the other hand there is me i had clots bleeding and contraction like cramps and ive miscarriage

You are 15 weeks along am cramping and bleeding have had a brown muck-is looking clots come out am I having a miss carriag?

Unfortunately, that sounds like you are...

How long does the cramping bleeding last during a miscarriage?

It varies from person to person, but myself and a friend of mine both had cramping a few days before we had a lighter than usual period and then about a two week long period with lots of clots and cramps.

What does in mean when you have heavy blood clots from vagina and also blood for your period and it is lasting for weeks?

I think that means you have an infection. Consult your doctor.

What does it mean if you haved missed your period for a couple of months are bleeding heavily cramping pain and expelling blood clots?

It means you need to go see your Doctor. Seriously.

Pink discharge when pregnant?

It can happen but if you start cramping, having a lot of discharge, bleeding, or passing clots you should call your Dr or go to the ER right away.

What is spotting for pregnancy?

Light, pinkish or brown bleeding - without cramps. It is not spotting if there is bright red blood, with clots and/or cramping. Call your doctor to be sure everything is normal.

What are side effects of D and C?

could nausea be an after effect of a d & c without cramping or bleedingThere are several side effects after having a DNC. Some of the most severe side effects are blood clots, heavy bleeding, foul smelling discharge, and cramping.

Is it normal not having blood clots during periods?

Yes it's the lining of the uterus coming out.

If you have blood clots coming out while on your period what does that mean?

It just means that your flow is coming out heavy. Blood has a product called fibrinogen in it and that dissolves clots. If the flow is heavy then fibrinogen doesn't have enough time to act on the blood which makes it clot. However if you are experiencing very heavy clots you should contact your gynecologist. The lining of your uterus is changing and that means it's also pieces of it.

What causes sperm clotting mixed in urine?

Sperm naturally clots even if not mixed with urine. The sperm clots in order to help make a "plug" so it doesn't come out of the vagina before some of the other sperm can have a chance to fertilize the egg.

Why is semen stringy?

when you ejaculate it's runny as to be released from body quickly. but from there it clots to stick in the vagina. it then becomes watery again to allow sperm to move

What does it mean when blood clots come out of your vagina?

Some women while menstruating will clot. If you believe it could be something else, you should see a doctor.

I started to discharge brown fluid then one day i had bad cramping and blood cloths started to discharge out its been a month now and I'm still discharging blood clots am i having a miscarriage?

If you're pregnant and are dropping blood clots (especially for a month!) you should definitely see a doctor immediately!

How can itell if the fetus has passed because of a miscarriage?

how far along are you? If you are several weeks, most of the time you can't ever tell unless you are cramping, and passing clots. That is the way it was when I had my miscarriages at only 9weeks.

Can you have light bleeding with cramps and still be pregnant I have had nausea 24 7 for 3 weeks and sore breasts but today I started cramping with light bleeding and no clots is this ok or normal?

dats nasty

Does black blood clots instead of blood for your period mean your pregnant and if it smells really really bad?

Black blood clots do not relate to whether or not you are pregnant. You should see a doctor if the clots are bad. In general, if you are on your period/ losing blood, you are not pregnant. The smell and color mean you may have an infection It may also be an viral STI (as opposed to just bacterial).

What are some side effects of the most common birth control methods?

Different forms of birth control can have different side effects. Birth control pills can cause cramping,and possible blod clots.