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Providing you haven't missed any pills and you've been on the pill for over a month, you will be protected against pregnancy.

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Is necon birth control more effective than loestrin birth control?

First, Necon and LoEstrin are brand names, and don't indicate the name of the pill. Second, there aren't many good studies comparing effectiveness of one pill against another. Interesting, isn't it, that the commercials for pills talk about other issues rather than pregnancy prevention!

Is alica keys pregnant for the second time?

No, This is her first child

If i fell pregnant quickly the first time would i fall pregnant the second time?

It, depends with the time. If you have sex on your unsafe days on the second attempt you will also get pregnant very quickly.

How old Can a girl be to get pregnant?

If she's having periods she can get pregnant. In fact if she's having sex just when she's starting on her first cycle she can get pregnant.

If a dog gets pregnant by a different breed the first time and the second time she is pregnant by the same breed are the puppies pure breed on the second time?

Purebred I think

On the first second or third time did Bella Cullen get pregnant?

probally the 1st

What trimester are you in at 3 months pregnant?

Between the first and second. The first trimester is 0-12 weeks and the second is 13-28, so you could be in either

Can one female dog have puppies from two male dogs?

No, whichever dog she mates with first will have a chance for puppies. If she is not pregnant from the first dog, then it is possible for her to get pregnant from the second dog. But it is not possible for her to get pregnant with both dogs.

Can you get pregnant with out an period?

Are you wondering if you can get pregnant without having had your first period? Well, yes you can. If you're having unprotected sex when your first menstrual cycle is starting, then you can get pregnant witout having had a period first. That'd be unsuitably early to start having sex, and terribly early to become pregnant.

If said you were not pregnant but you feel like it?

Consult a doctor, or a second one if you are not comfortable with the first.

Can someone get their period the first month of pregnancy?

Yes. But second month you can't get it if you are pregnant. :)

Can you be pregnant and not have sore enlarged breasts?

Yes, I didn't have either with my first pregnancy. I am 6 weeks pregnant with my second and still no sore breasts.

Which Kardashian is pregnant?

Kourtney Kardashian, the eldest of the Kardashian sisters is pregnant with her second child. On November 30, 2011, Kourtney announced that she is nine weeks pregnant with her second child. Kourtney had her first child, Mason Dash Disick, in December of 2009.

Who was the first teenager to get pregnant?

The first teenager was a 5 year old girl and the second was a 9 year old girl

Can you become pregnant on your period if you think he cumed in you?

yes. I got pregnant with my second child when I had unprotected sex with my husband on the first day of my period, he did not pull out.

Are you pregnant if you missed your period and first test was negative but the second was positive?

My understanding is that the tests do not always show positive when you are pregnant, but that they never show positive if you are not pregnant. In other words, if you have a positive test, you are almost certainly pregnant.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant with a bicornuate uterus?

i have a bicornuate uterus and i am pregnant for the second time now with no problems, i had a c-section with my first child at 38 weeks, there was no problems at all with getting pregnant

Did Zayn Malik really get Tae Handrich pregnant?

No. Zayn did not get anyone pregnant. First of all, Tae Handrich is not pregnant. That is just a rumor. And second of all, Zayn and Tae never dated.

Can you get pregnant on your first time if the penis is only in you a minute?

Absolutely. If the penis enters the vagina even for a second, you can become pregnant. Even if he does not ejaculate, there is pre-come.

What are the chances of getting pregnant 2 days from starting your period?

a woman can get pregnant before one or two days of her periods --- A woman has a lesser chance of falling pregnant with in the first week after her period. After the first week she is at high chance of falling pregnant, especially within the last week before her period. ----

Does everyone need to have breast tenderness while they are pregnant?

Not everyone. I had it really badly with my first and not at all with my second.

Can women drink wine doing pregnant?

First: Tell me how to DO pregant? And second, if you want a stillborn, go for it.

If a man ejaculated first outside and second inside can you get pregnant?

Yes, it only matters that he ejaculated in you, not the before or after.

What makes you miss a period if you're on Loestrin?

I'm on Loestrin and have just missed my first period on it in three years...but three weeks ago I missed three pills and had to double up a few days to get back on track. I have a period then and now apparently I cant have one at the normal time. However, you should contact your gynocologist.

Is it possible for a vehicle to go through a track if the first and second hill are the same size?

If it's starting on the first hill, in neutral, no. if its starting on a much higher hill, then yes.

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