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You are pregnant and your yeast infection wont go away?


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2009-01-14 03:34:15
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Go to a doctor and get prescription medication. Yeast infections can be extremely dangerous if you're pregnant.

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No a urine infection wont stop you from getting pregnant. Girl sperms sivive in bacetrial urine. Im pregnant and i had a urinw infection.

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Sounds like an infection of sorts; either an infection in the eye or cat flu. No-one on the internet will be able to make a correct diagnosis. Take it to the vet straight away.

Either something stuck in the ear, ear mites, ear infection or yeast infection of the ear. All easily treated at the vet.

Boiling will kill the yeast cell, thus the membrane wont function.

Contact your doctor if you notice white patches in your mouth, a change in vaginal discharge or other new symptoms. This includes reoccuring incidents. See your family doctor, as they will have a history of you, and will able to give you a more accurate diagnosis.

dont worry it could just simply be a yeast infection you should go to your local drug store and get some medicine for it and dont worry it wont hurt you if its not a yeast infectionbut the way tou explain it i think it is

Yes you could be pregnant but you wont know till your period arrives. If its normal your not pregnant.

Heck to the no, because I was on them and bammmm I got pregnant! of course I stopped taking them right away but no it wont pervent but you shouldn't take them if your trying to have a baby

all fruit and most things have yeast allready on them will make wine ...just wont be fit to drink...

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It can be the body practising with Braxton hicks, or you need to rest. Lie down and see if it goes away. If it gets stronger or wont go away go to the hospital.

No that is a myth. It can feel good because it's cold but it wont cure it. Yeast infections usually goes away by itself but there's also meds so look at the pharmacy. You can take fuyan pill to eliminate the inflammation and kill bacteria.

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she did something you dont wont to know about

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