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You are such a turkey what does that mean?

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Usually, when someone calls you a turkey, it means you have done something dumb because turkeys are known not to be the brightest of birds.

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What does turkey based mean?

based on turkey

What does is hallmark mean OT 925 turkey on ring?

ot925 turkey

What is the capital near of the turkey?

if you mean the capital of turkey, its Ankara.

Are you a turkey or an eagle what does this mean?

turkey is a girl eagle is a guy

How many counties does Turkey have?

Turkey itself A country. do you mean Ottoman Empire by saying Turkey?

What does Pavo mean in English from Spanish?

It means "turkey" (the bird).

What does turkey mean?

A turkey is an animal that could be killed and ate if cooked properly. a turkey is a is a tradition on thanksgiving day with stuffing,potatoes,soup and salad. yummy!Turkey is a type of meat! It can also mean a country.

Where did the turkey earthquake happen?

The Turkey earthquake occurred in the year of 2011 [ if thats the one you mean ] And occured in Turkey.....

What does it mean when someone says you're such a turkey?

A turkey is a goofy-looking bird that doesn't act very smart. If someone calls you a turkey, they mean you're not very popular or cool.

What does a turkey on braodway mean?


What does el pavo mean?


How were the anzacs transported to turkey?

By Turkey I'm guessing you mean Gallipoli? And they arrived there by boats

What does the idiom a real turkey mean?

A real turkey is something that doesn't work right.

Can turkey make you sick?

Turkey doesn't usually make you sick. But if you are eating turkey and you get sick it it doesn't necessarily mean the turkey made you sick. It could be the ingredients and contents inside the turkey.

What does the expression to talk turkey mean?

the expression "talk turkey" means to talk business or somethingimportant

How good is turkey bacon good for if frozen?

I think you mean how long is turkey bacon good for if frozen, and that depends on the brand of turkey bacon.

What does turkey on Broadway mean?

it means:lovely bird

What does shichimenchou mean?

it means turkey in Japanese

What does the symbols on the turkey flag mean?

i have no clue

What does pabo mean?

it means turkey in spanish

What does pavo mean in English?

turkey (food)

What does une dinde mean in English?

a turkey

What does la dinde mean in french?

the turkey

What does it mean when a turkey crosses your path?

There are a few different meanings for a turkey crossing your path. One interpreted meaning of a turkey crossing your path is luck.

What sports will turkey compete in?

if you mean someone can get a turkey, your answer is bowling. if you are refering to to another sport there isn't one