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know the injured worker and the type of work being performed

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Q: You are the most important link to workers compensation because?
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Why are you the most important link to workers compensation because you?

know the injured worker and the type of work being performed

If you were sick and got fired can you get unemployment in Ohio?

You may qualify, according to the Related Link below, "Worker's Guide to Unemployment Compensation, pp. 8,9. You may also qualify for workers compensation (health issues) if you were sick because of the job.

Can you collect unemployment insurance and Social Security at the same time in New York?

You receive workers compensation because you are unable to work. Under item 2. of the Related Link below, you are not eligible to receive unemployment benefits if you are unable to work. It can't be had both ways or it may be unemployment fraud.

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How important is having a witness to an accident affect a claim of workers compensation?

Having a witness will always assist in making a claim for workers compensation, but it is not essential. In the UK - if an accident at work occurs an entry should be made by your employer of the accident circumstances. If the accident was serious or required more than 3 days off work - the Health and Safety executive should be notified by your employer who should investigate the accident circumstances. Your lawyer can access these documents which will assist your claim. For more details on how to show your employer is at fault see the attached link.

What is the compensation for legislatures of Texas?

See link provided below.

What states require employer to have workmans comp?

All states require employers to carry Workers' Comp or remain liabile to the workers themselves. Most states have exemptions for some employers, such as those with fewer than 5 employees, or employers whose sole workforce is comprised of partners in the company. Texas is the only state in which Workers' Comp is 100% voluntary, yet again, the employer remains liable to the worker and would have to pay out of pocket for claims. Further, by not carrying Workers' Compensation, the worker is free to sue the employer - something he's not able to do if the employer carries Workers' Comp unless the employer's guilty of GROSS negligence. See the attached link, "Should I Carry Workers' Compensation?" for additional information.

In 2010 I will receive a cash settlement for a workers compensation injury in 2009 do I file in this years taxes or is it not taxable?

Your attorney, Judge or the payer of the may be able to tell you if you will have any taxable income from this settlement amount. You will not be receiving the amount until 2010 and if you receive a 1099 with some information on it after the end of the the year or other taxable income information form you will have some taxable income that you will have to report on your 1040 income tax return for the year 2010. Amounts you receive as workers' compensation for an occupational sickness or injury are fully exempt from tax if they are paid under a workers' compensation act or a statute in the nature of a workers' compensation act. The exemption also applies to your survivors. The exemption, however, does not apply to retirement plan benefits you receive based on your age, length of service, or prior contributions to the plan, even if you retired because of an occupational sickness or injury. If part of your workers' compensation reduces your social security or equivalent railroad retirement benefits received, that part is considered social security (or equivalent railroad retirement) benefits and may be taxable. For a discussion of the taxability of these benefits, see Other Income under Miscellaneous Income, later. Go to the IRS gov web site and use the search box for Publication 525 Taxable and Nontaxable income Click on the below Related Link

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What is the average workers comp hernia injury settlement?

In the UK there are two main parts of a compensation claim for personal injury which can be made against an employer: 1. Pain and suffering for your hernia injury and 2. Financial losses as a result of suffering the hernia injury. So far as the pain and suffering is concerned the amount of compensation depends totally on the symptoms you have suffered from your hernia and whether these symptoms are long lasting. Using the related link below entitled "hernia injury compensation" - you can find examples of the range of compensation you can receive for different types of hernia injury, which in 2010 are up to £15,500.