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Whatever you do for fun is where you're going to find people (guys and girls) to talk to. If you rollerblade, if you read books, if you drink beer, your favorite people will be in those places.

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Q: You can't find any girl to talk with?
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Well the really sad truth is no you cant talk on the application "It girl" Those people that you see talking are those people who created it. It seems if they are really talking but they are not. So no you can not talk.

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If she cant leave them for you forget about her as she obviously does not love you enought to do it and she might even be liking her parents choice. I say dicth her no matter how much it hurts. This is coming from a girl and i say find someone better.

You like this girl in your first period class how do you tell her you like her without talking to her Because you cant find any time to talk to her during school?

just slip her a note or ask for her number during your class. get to know her another way could be talk to one of her friends.

What should you do if a girl says that you cant talk to her boyfriend even though your really good friends?

talk to him any ways, no one has the right to tell your friend (or you) who they can or can't talk to or see, she's a crazy GF and is bad for him.

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Find her myspace? Tell her over the phone?

I like this girl but i cant seem to talk to her any time im around her i cant speak what should i do?

Practice at your home in the mirror of what you might say to her or practice with a friend so that when you do get near or around her,you'll know what to say.

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Catch up to him after school or during lunch.(⌒-⌒; )

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The popular way for any girl or female to talk to any boy or male is by using her mouth.