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You can move an unresponsive victim if you need to...

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If the victimis going into shock

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Q: You can move an unresponsive victim if you need to?
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Move an unresponsive victim only when?

Only move an unresponsive when in an absolutely necessary scenario (IE. fire, middle of road, etc.).

What Put a victim in the recovery position when the victim is?

Yes you should put a victim in a recovery position when victim is unresponsive and breathing.

If the unresponsive victim breathing the best position for the victim is?

Turned on their side in case s/he vomits.

Which vicitim requires CPR?

a victim who is unresponsive with no normal breading and no pulse

What is the best step to take if the victim is unresponsive and unconscious?

perform cpr following abc

What do you do if the victim has a pulse and is breathing but is unresponsive?

Lay the victim on their side in the rest position and await for emergency personnel while monitoring the victim for any changes.

You must check adequate breathing before giving rescue breaths to an unresponsive adult victim?

Yes, if a person is already breathing there is no reason why you would need to breathe for them.

What are the Steps for helping an unconscious choking victim?

Go immediately to the unresponsive chocking maneuvers.

When is it OK to move an adult victim who need CPR?

YOu should move a victim if the current environment is dangerous to the victim or to responders.You may move victims who can tolerate the move to staging or triage areas.You must move a victim as part of the evac process if further treatment is required.

If the victim is unresponsive permission to give first aid is known as?

Conscious permission is called "Consent".

When preparing to move a wounded airman to the medical facility what does not need to be conducted before you begin the move?

secure a liter to move the victim

Of a victim is unresponsive what should you do before starting CPR?

If I am not mistaken, first you should clear there air passage, then CPR.