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No. Missing periods are an indication of pregnancy, not having too many.

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Q: You had two periods within two weeks can you be pregnant?
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Can you get two normal heavy periods each within 28 days of one another and have no symptoms for ten weeks and still be pregnant?

No. Two normal heavy periods and no symptoms of pregnancy sound like your definitely not pregnant.

You have missed your periods its now one month and two weeks?

If you missed your periods for a month and two weeks, contact a doctor. You could be pregnant or suffering from a medical condition.

How soon can you find out if you are pregnant if you dont have regular periods?

Around two weeks after intercourse.

When you get pregnant how many weeks does it take for you to miss your first period?

You start missing periods as soon as you are pregnant. So if your period was due in two weeks or three weeks from conception - it won't happen.

Can you get pregnant two weeks after our periods?

Yes, you can. This is the best time for you to become pregnant actually. Most women ovulate about two weeks after their periods, though not all do (which is why it is important to always use contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy). So if you are trying for a baby, this is a good time to have intercourse.

Can you become pregnant immediately after your periods?

That is rare. But it is possible to get pregnant that way. You are advised to watch for the periods. It is very less likely that you are pregnant, if you get normal periods. Still it it advisable to get the urine pregnancy test done weekly after due date of periods. You should do it for two weeks even after you get periods to be very sure.

Yes or no can you tell if your pregnant in two weeks?

Yes, you can tell if your pregnant in two weeks.

Can a women be pregnant if after sex she had two regular periods and waiting for third which is delayed by 2 weeks?

No, she can not be pregnanat because she had a regular period after sex (in fact she had 2 regular periods).

Your period is on but its two weeks late are you pregnant?

Doesn't necessarily mean your pregnant but its a possibility. Our periods can change whenever they get ready but if they do its always good to visit a doctor if you have any questions.

Can you ovulate if you have not had a menstrual cycle in years?

It depends on the reason your periods stopped. If your hormones are functioning properly you have a period about two weeks after you ovulate, if you are not pregnant.

Can you get pregnant right after you had a baby?

if you have a natural birth, you can get pregnant within two weeks after having a baby. if you have a c section, it will take at least three months to be able to get pregnant again

You have irregular periods an took clomid for five days had aperiod two weeks later can you get pregnant?

Yes, you can still get pregnant. If you are still having your period you can get pregnant. If you haven't taken any contraception for more than a month you can get pregnant.

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