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the beginning of your mestural period.

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Pain has discharge and I have uti and Early pregnant

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Q: You have brown discharge with a bad smellwhat could it be?
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If 2 days ago you had brown discharge on your panties could that mean something?

Brown isn't bad; it is just leftover from your period...

I want to kiss my gf but she has bad smellwhat can I do?

If your girlfriend has a bad smell, you can try to give her hints so that she can shower.

Is brown discharge bad?

yes, it usually means you have an infection

I haven't had a period for a while but i still have discharge is that bad?

no your parts could get bruised

Is it bad if your discharge smells?

This could indicate a yeast infection, vaginitis, or possibly an STD.

I constantly have brown discharge should I be concern?

there are many reasons you might have brown discharge... You might be pregnant or it could have something to do with mediacal issues.... I have missed my period for more than 4 months and i went to the doctor... They did some test and it turn out my hormones were out of balance... you should go to the doctor just to mke sure that it is not something bad... Hope this helped

Can you reenlist with a bad conduct discharge?

bad conduct discharge does not allows you to be acceptable for reenlistment.

What is brown discharge that has a bad smell if its coming from your butt crack?

Unless you are actually experiencing a bowl movement - any unexpected anal discharge of any type should be discussed with your family doctor.

Is nipple discharge bad?

If you are pregnant no , but if you are not it could be bad . But some women have this issue during their period . But this something you should ask your doctor .

My bunny has a brownish discharge is that bad?

Yes, it is bad if your rabbit has a brownish discharge. If your rabbit has a brownish discharge, it is sick and you should bring it to the vet. See the related questions below for more info and links. A discharge of any colour, from anywhere on a rabbit's body, is a sign of illness, and the rabbit should see a vet with experience and training in rabbits. Normal, healthy feces are solid, brown balls. Normal urine is liquid (not at all thick) -- it could be clear or pale yellow, or it could be reddish, orangish, or dark brownish -- these are all healthy and normal. A thickish brownish discharge from the genitals could be something called "urine sludge," which is not healthy and, without treatment, could lead to serious problems.

How can you get out the military?

Choose not to re-enlist (honorable discharge), bad conduct discharge, hardship discharge, medical discharge, die.

What happens when your nolonger on your period but you have brown discharge and a bad odor and you shower every day?

It doesn't matter if you shower every day... Your discharge should never smell you should go to the doctor to see what might be wrong

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